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27 July 2017

How will GST Affect Your Home Loans? Some Facts!

GST! what is GST? Goods and service Tax. While The Government has been trying to bring in universal laws with taxes for the whole country, I am so surprised as we are paying taxes !!!service taxes, good, extra taxes, like, whenever we purchase any object or good and commodities, restaurant, every where we have taxes extra , so...this reflects in our bill.
GST has affected home loans and even possessions of homes as there is so much confusion among sellers with loss of planning and stationary , infra structure available to implement this GST. Then some sellers are at random applying any percentage of taxes in the name of GST and we also cannot question them!
You will see added sums in your home loan repayments and pre payments list. You will also see increase in your monthly EMI payments, and even though this may be a smaller amount monthly, it sure will add up on the long term basis in total amount payments of your home loan!
So some how if you notice the home loan lenders will take up the amount they have planned and maybe you will not get any concessions as to what they are advertising or promising as offers!
Home loans are also affected as whatever the changes in rules  , it is always the consumer who is affected, the common man, who has to increase the amount of paying taxes, One more in the list of payments for the home loan applicant!GST!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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