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28 March 2018

How to Get maximum amount as Home Loan? Practical Financial Tip and it works!

how to get maximum amount as home loan? we know that you need a sum of  down payment before hand to get your flat or home booked. The money required as down payment needs to be arranged prior to application of home loan.
Found this the easiest way to avail maximum amount as home loan. So if you are working and all your documents are in proper updated place then within a month your home loan gets approved.
But you get only a certain amount, as the important consideration is your monthly income, age, profession, assets, and all this is according to your repayment capacity, leaving aside a sum amount for your monthly expenses.
What you can do is you can avail separate joint home loans on your family members. Till now people were aware of joint home loans for spouses and siblings or parents and children. Two together helps to increase your home loan amount.
Now try multiple! husband, wife and working son or daughter.Yes, and you get maximum amount of home loan approved. Also children of younger age get a longer tenure of repayment. Just be careful, the interest rate keeps on adding if you go in for a longer tenure repayment schedule plan. But, of course if you are in Government sector then you get tax savings benefit on home loan, so take that! So do calculate the total amount you will  be paying at the end of your home loan after all those years, but yes, today you can avail a larger amount as home loan from any financial institution or home loan company bank, and get the best home your deserve , Right Now!
(just a tip, try to repay as soon as possible! Home loans are getting costlier for professionals and private sector!) Be an Intelligent Borrower
All the Best from Rizwana!
Third home loan in my life, two successfully repayed, moving to a larger home, currently in process of hustle, repayment options for our on going home loan.
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all thoughts are simply my own, no guidance or reference, i am not a financial person or banker!