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10 October 2010

Arguments resulting from home loans in a newly married couple.

The decision of buying a home is among the priority list in all couples who have just taken the plunge of marriage. They may be at a rented place or with the other family till they have a place of their own. Many a time’s couples who take home loans are seen to be stressed and argumentative due to the pressure of repayment, especially if only one partner is earning. The stress of repayment is too much and may even lead to separation if not controlled as both have to sacrifice many important aspects during the tenure of repayment.
Usually the bickering happen because one of the spouse has taken the decision. The other partner has not been involved in this major financial decision of taking and repaying a home loan. Discussing beforehand about the type of loan taken as well as repayment schedule helps to neutralize some of the stress among the couple. The amount taken as loan must be manageable with the salary of both or one partner although it does give a pinch to ones pocket. Many other aspects of enjoyment and travel will have to be compromised till the loan is repaid hence discussing all aspects and understanding that ‘some thing has to be given up to achieve something’ is very important. Usually the bride has certain expectations from the spouse and may be unaware that the apartment she has just entered as a wife may be on loan. This leads to undue stress and it is better for the spouse to let her know before regarding the financial decisions made by him before marriage. Having a clear talk regarding finances helps to solve many misunderstandings and even makes the bride more supportive of this decision. If the fact of home loan is hidden by her she may not understand where the amount of salary is going and may have negative thoughts about the character of the spouse. Small arguments may heat up and may also sometimes lead to divorce between the new couple.
Having open discussion and talk regarding finances and home loan may make the bride understanding and very supportive. The dream of owning a home may the motivating factor and both may be willing to give certain sacrifices till the repayment tenure of the home loan.


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