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25 October 2010

Divorce of a New Couple: Reason Home Loan

One of the most important adjustments that a newly married couple has to make is that regarding finances. Our priorities vary and one may feel the need for dining out important whereas other may place priority to travelling to exotic places and may be willing to have simple home cooked food. Whatever the likes and dislikes of the newly married couple, a home loan taken for the dream home is the most important decision in ones beginning of new life. Sacrificing certain important aspects during the early-years of marriage may build up over the time. Constant fights over finances may make the relationship sour and the pressure of the home loan may also sometimes go off hand and lead to separation of the couple. Let us discuss few tips to neutralize the negativity among couples and reduce the stress about repayment of home loan.
The decision of taking a home loan has already been done. The couple should sit down and have an open discussion regarding their priorities.  Financial planning is must for helping out in this situation. If one of the partners is unaware about the loan then it is possible that this partner may feel the other is cheating on them. Small bickering when fuelled daily may go out of reach and lead to divorce between the couple. Many adjustments have to be made as the couple is new to each other. Habits and manners are different as also the background that they come from.  ‘Looking at the dream home’ is the mantra for success and a tonic for the couple till the years of repayment are completed. Facing the fact that a home of ownership is waiting for us after some years is the bonus that is enough for both to carry on. Discussing other important aspects of life like increasing the family, health of elders and other positive points among the couple helps them to understand each other.
Having a dream and taking steps to fulfill them is the guideline and important tip for the couple to carry on in their relationship. Having frequent visits to the construction site and taking a look at the home under construction helps the couple to go ahead and be willing to sacrifice certain financial priorities in order to achieve a home.

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