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12 November 2010

Do You Need a Home Loan? Are You Really In Need of a Home Loan?

As the trend is going on the newspapers and media advertisements are highlighting the home loans and their benefits. Every day we see 'cheap home loans' and each individual is tempted to go in for a loan as there is easy availability of home loans and the procedures for procuring home loans has also become very simple. But do you need a home loan? this is the big question asked and must be thought of  by everyone before going in for a home loan.
If you are purchasing a first home and have a reasonably fixed salary then it is fine to follow your dreams of buying a home or even a second home for investment. However much the attractive advertisements and tempting offers by the home loans lenders never ever forget that you always end up paying a much larger amount for the purchase as the loan amount  also adds interest money and it is a substantial amount. If it is possible one can encash certain investments to increase the down payment and go in for a smaller amount of loan. Consider your other responsibilities and financial liabilities before taking this step.
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If you are going in for a second home it is advisable to survey the market and the interest rates as well as festive offers on the homes. Following the trend as your friends have taken a home loan is not a good idea as each individual has different priorities as well as different financial positions. You may not come to know about the pressures every month for paying EMI's on the respective dates unless you yourself are committed on a home loan.
Think according to your salary and how much money you can keep aside for payment of a home loan. Taking a home loan is the best opportuinty for many borrowers as the purchase of a home is done immediately as the processsing of home loans is completed. The dream can  be fulfilled and you can enjoy the new home over the years maybe ten, twenty even as the loan is being repayed. Many have benefitted with this opportunity and a new home which would otherwise be impossible to buy now has come within the reach of the middle class due to easy availability of home loans.
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