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18 February 2011

Understanding Home Loans and House Amenities - External and Internal

Home amenities are one of the most important aspects in selecting a dream home. Selection of a home for buying has become easy due to advertisements in the news papers and ads on televisions. The internet is another very important option if you are not comfortable visiting places and enquiring about homes from other people. Amenities are services and additional facilities offered by the builder to the buyers along with the house.
Applying for a home loan involves taking into account the area of the flat, the rate per square feet in that particular area and also the amount for down payment.  With these you are ready to give an application for a home loan. The important question arises when you want to purchase a flat that has latest amenities and it increases the total cost of the house. Whereas houses in the same area that have less amenities are lower in price in comparison.  This decision is personal and it must be remembered that with the amenities also comes the monthly maintenance that has to be paid by the home owner. This will add up to your compulsory expenses with monthly EMIs and house expenses.  Amenities can be external or internal which are offered by the builder to the house buyer. External facilities like swimming pools, water fountains, jogging parks, gardens and playgrounds, club house and gymnasium are a few amenities which most of the reputed builders offer the customers coming for shopping a home. Internal facilities can be solar heaters, internal security systems, geysers, furnished kitchens and bathrooms, as well as intercom facilities and generators for power backups during electricity cuts.
While buying a home one must remember that all these amenities are not included in the home loan. Sometimes parking facility and other membership charges of club house and swimming pool also need to be paid by the buyer during purchase of a flat directly to the builder.

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