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07 March 2011

Tips for Selecting a Home

Applying for a home loan has become very easy and many of us have got the benefit of purchasing a new dream home by the facility of home loans. How does one go about selecting a home when the loan is available.
1) One has to be very very clear and specific about their personal requirements about  the area of home. How many rooms you will require and whetehr the family is a joint or nuclear plays a mjor role in selection of the area in square feet.
2) Do you have elders in the family or will you be getting frequent relatives for long periods as guests then it is best to accomodate a guest room so that the whole family routine does nopt get upset on the coming of a guest. Usually people go in for purchasing a hoem which has a big living room and less bedrooms but this then creates problems when guests take charge of the bed and you or the children end up ont he sofa!
3) Lifestyle amenities are availble in many societies and complexes. But it must be remembered that they are all paid for and nothing is free. You pay extra for this during purchase and also have to pay maintenance charges every month for the use of the same.
4) Parks, hospitals, schools, malls and theatres have become a must nowadays and close proximity for these is essential before selecting any home.
5) One of the most important and the most essential space crunch we all face is parking facility. It is important to see whether the builder has provided adequate facility for parking space to the buyers.
Consider these tips before selecting a home and then go in for a home loan accordingly.

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