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05 July 2011

Bank of Baroda Offer on Home Loans

Bank of Baroda has to offer many loans and services and very often we are not aware of the many benefits the borrower can get when using special services from banks.
Let us consider home loans and what the bank of Baroda has to offer regarding this. This is a wonderful site where you can get access to many types of loans. Since home loans are very much talked about, I brushed up on the web page and found this to be really very informative and helpful. The most important part which I liked was that on one page they have given so many options. The viewer or loan borrower can avail of any information without having to click another site.
First option wants you to specify what you would like to know. Here they can get specific borrowers and cater to their respective needs. The borrower just has to choose the option on what they require information. Personal, business, corporate, international, treasury, rural and value added services are the major titles under one heading. Very well organized and informative site the borrower can find out about his specific loan requirements and the category he fits into.
The promise of home loan in 6 days, by the bank states their service to their prospective customers. I do not know how well this may be kept but I feel surely it must be faster and even if they take some more time if they have facilities and convenience for the customers then many will opt for this bank. The best part is they offer a longer tenure of 25 years for repayment of the home loan, of course with floating rate of interest, which assures that the interest rate will be high.
Other than home loans for new houses they also offer loans for old homes as well as houses under construction, though the terms and eligibility for these may differ according to the house you have selected.

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