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29 July 2011

Buy a Home in India Staying in Dubai - Home Loans

International Home Loans - Rizwana Mundewadi
Many Indians have settled in the Middle East countries due to job and businesses. But the fact remains that every person longs to have a place of their own in their mother land. HDFC bank offers guidance for searching and selecting properties as well as future counselling and advice regarding home loans.
With a strong base of representative branches around India this HDFC bank even has a branch in Dubai for their customers. The home loan can be got at fixed or adjustable rate of interest and also the approval of home loan from this bank will depend upon the age, qualification and job status of the borrower; that is if the borrower is employed and has salary proof and clear documentation then the loan tenure can be extended up to 20 years but the loan tenure begins from 7 years to a maximum of 20 years depending upon the status and repayment capacity of the borrower.
The Indians staying abroad can get a personalised home loan and adjustable EMIs according to their repayment capacity. For selecting a property to buy on home loans one can get advice and information about different properties and houses available in the given budget range, and also their legal and ownership title issues can be judged by the banks representative before referring a house for sale.
So where ever in the world you are staying you can go ahead with buying a your dream home on loan and with so many options available in the market for getting finances it has become very easy for an NRI to buy a house on loan.


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  4. Thank you for sharing such great information.
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  5. Thank you for sharing such great information.
    It is informative, can you help me in finding out more detail on
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