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29 July 2011

HDFC Home Loan Advisory Services for NRI

The HDFC bank offers home loans for non resident Indians who have settled in UK or any other foreign country. Since the trend today is more towards NRIs purchasing land and property in their mother land the HDFC bank has an advisory committee who guides and helps the people staying abroad to purchase homes on loan. A fresh new start for NRIs to begin with the HDFC has guidance team who can offer online support as well as guidance later on regarding the home loan.
Like many other reputed banks the HDFC bank offers loan on land, property as well as homes. With the advantage of online banking and payment facilities many borrowers of Indian origin can easily apply and get their home loan approved even if they are staying abroad. With 287 offices in India and a branch in Dubai and service associates in all GCC countries the bank can boast of their reputation of being successful in the home loans field for over a decade. This is a great factor for NRIs as they have representatives who can guide them and follow up ont eh home loans applications, approval and repayment.
One thing that strikes at a glance is that this HDFC bank has counsellors who can guide the NRIs to select property. Now this aspect is not seen much and this is a important factor for Indians staying abroad who wish to buy property but do not have the time to visit India and search for the right place. Very often even the aspect of the property being legal and ownership issues all can be sorted out by the bank’s representative and only those places which fit into the criteria are offered for purchase. One can get legal and other guidance for going ahead with the purchase of property or house on loan.


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