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21 August 2011

Good Marriage Proposals Own a Home

How is good marriage proposals linked with houses? Yes even I was surprised to read this article in the news paper. The headlines struck a right chord! Many and many single women are opting for purchasing a home on their own before marriage. They are working and have a good salary so there is no looking back. And even men are willing to take this offer and are in fact relieved if the women have a own home before marriage.
With the homes becoming dearer there is a dire need by everyone to have a roof of their own over their head. Working women are prioritizing owning a home in their wish list and making the right move, even before going in for selecting a marriage partner. The men are accepting the leading role of the women and even understand the need for her parent’s visits and staying long or having an extended stay.
With joint home loans the fact that women are willing to support the paying of EMIs had become a regular feature and more and more lending institutions are preferring this arrangement as they have the security of two salaries to recover their home loan amount. With the total salary amount or income increasing the couple can borrower a larger loan and get a bigger house of their own.
Women having a home of their own before marriage are solving many problems that men have to think about immediately after marriage, that is purchasing a separate home. There are many home loans available for single women and also joint home loans where siblings can purchase a home before selecting the right partner. It is understood that this major life step is over the couple can then lead a life thinking about their future and beginning of a family. Since, most working women are getting married late the couple are allowing to shift the traditional roles of husband and wife and more and more husbands are accepting the title ownership of their wives for their homes.
Vice versa even men will get good and better proposals since any father would like to have his daughter wedded to a guy who owns his own home. So the trend nowadays if towards owning a home before thinking of getting married and even propel are getting good marriage proposals when they have purchased a home of their own. Except for one thing , the men have to be careful, if she is angry , get out of my house!

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