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21 August 2011

Single Women Home Loans

This is becoming more and more common as many women are working before marriage and they have good qualifications and have been posted at higher positions. They earn a good salary and are enjoying a good life style. Many banks are now willing to lend a single women loan as they only need the reassurance that the loan will be repaid on time.
When a single woman applies for a loan there would come many doubts in the minds of the lenders and many would hesitate to approve a loan amount for a single woman. They would need guarantors and other documents or assets to apply for a loan. How would the loan be repaid when the women gets married, what would happen in case of any untoward incident and if she cannot repay on time? etc. but now with women earning such salaries and having posts as managers and CEOs of companies they have a regular salary proof and also permanent jobs at hand.
Single women need fathers or brothers as guarantors whereas married women applying for a loan can have husbands as guarantors for any loan. With the event of both couples working many and many women are opting for loan individually be it for a house, car or any personal loan. They can independently handle the repayment of the loan EMIs and their husbands can prioritize on other expenses or investments for their family. Even fathers are relieved of the fact that they have to search for a good mate for their daughters as women are working and saving for a house and purchasing a flat even before beginning the search for a right partner.


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