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01 September 2011

Credit Card Uses and Meaning of Credit Card Issuer and Credit Card User

We have seen the credit card and also know that it is used as a mode of payment for goods or services by the user. It is a small card which has standard size which is approved by the law and it is made of plastic. It is often termed as a magic card as it gives the user power to spend without the use of paper currency and pay later on.Credit cards though a common name amongst us for our daily transactions, we very often do not know the technical terms used in these dealings. Let us understand the meaning of credit card user and credit card issuer.

Credit card is issued by banks or private financial institutions. The client has to open a new account or continue with the previous one and deposit money in the bank. They have their own account number which is used during all financial dealings. These financial credit card companies, unions or banks are termed as credit card issuers. In a way they lend money to customers for the benefit of easy purchasing of goods and services. The credit card issuers work on the policy of creating an revolving account for the customer. The customer has to have a balance in the bank of a certain amount for him to be qualified for the credit card. Whenever the customer makes purchase he can use his money without going in for cash dealings. Usually there is a certain percentage of this bank balance which can be spent by the client during his financial dealings. Some banks also allow a certain percentage more as credit to the individual keeping in mind their previous bank history and bank account. It is a fact that all this comes at a price. The individual has to pay interest on this amount if not paid during the period decided by the bank. Many banks do not charge interest when the money is deposited within the time frame mentioned by the bank.

Credit card user or holder is the person who has the card named and numbered specially for him. It has a unique identity number and this has to be taken care of to prevent anyone from misusing it. During each use of the card the credit card user agrees to pay to the credit card issuer the amount he has spent. They are also given a certain grace period which allows them to deposit the amount in the bank before the due date. Thus the customer gets the benefit of spending before and paying later.

Use of credit card is becoming very common and almost all shops and services can be paid off in form of credit card. The card is issued by banks or other private money lending institutions to the person who has an account or his financial standing is secure. The credit providers do make a thorough check on the individual’s financial capacity and social standing before issuing a credit card. They create a revolving account which allows the user to pay money on credit and later repay it. Some institutions also charge interest on the usage and also service charges for every use of the card. Every credit card provider has different rules for the credit card user. Some do away with the service charges and also encourage more usage of the card by not charging interest for some months. Thus the customer gets the benefit of using the money without any interest charged over it.

There are also other cards like the cash card and the charge card where the user has to pay the amount in full whereas the credit card allows the user to spend the amount which can be deposited later on along with certain interest. Many shops display logos of credit cards of various banks that are accepted. They have a verification code where they verify the user of the card and the purchaser has to sign a slip as approval and acceptance of usage of the credit card.

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