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28 September 2011

Good Point of Fair Practice Code Edelweiss Housing Finance Limited

The company Edelweiss Housing Finance Limited offer total financial solutions and have a wonderful ad on television where they guide people to ‘you can’. Thus offering finance to one and all provided you have the repayment capacity and fulfill their eligibility criteria.
A good list of fair practice codes is seen on their website dealing with one and all aspects regarding all types of financial loans and even housing loans. They follow the code of ethics stated by the Reserve Bank of India applying tot he non-banking financial companies which assures the customer of good service.
Right from loan appraisal to loan applications and loan approval all the procedures are well sorted and the final loan amount and loan approval, all are mentioned clearly and on paper. This is a very good point and this shows transparency of Edelweiss financial housing company. Since simple and complex all matters are jotted down to the last detail, and there is also a written approval document duly signed by the borrower regarding rules and regulations and procedures of the company which is kept with the company.
With no difference of partiality for disabled or handicapped individuals the Edelweiss company sure has a universal open to all banner, and thus may be able to get clients from all financial sections as well as all strata of the society . They also promise not to fall into unlawful procedures of harassment and work with legal procedures for loan recovery in case of default.
With rules followed according to the Reserve Bank of India Edelweiss housing finance company provide total financial solutions catering to the common man as well as corporate and business sector.The new era of total financial solutions has arrived and even common working as well as self employed people prefer to hire professional help and guidance in financial matters today.

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