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09 September 2011

Home Loans for Duplex Flats

A dream for many, and also in my wish list.. duplex flats have been and are still one of the hottest and in demand among flats available. The two storey dream house having beautiful staircase is not only attractive and palatial but also has many advantages. Home loans are available for duplex flats like any other loans if you have the repayment capacity and your financial standing fulfills the eligibility criteria of the lender.
Film stars and elite groups used to own duplex flats but now even the middle class people are opting for this as it is different from your standard two bedroom hall kitchen style! There may be two floors to your duplex flat and both floors may have rooms according to your home area. Many builders construct duplex flats and have many societies or areas having special complexes of duplex flats. With kitchen usually on the ground floor for easy access, there may be master bedroom, and elders room long with other utility rooms at the ground floor. The top floor may have children’s room, guests’ room or any other utility rooms. In a duplex flat usually both floors have bathrooms and it is also convenient to allow children freedom and privacy. With home loans available for duplex flats it is becoming more and more popular and many people who are out to purchase a home on loan may try to get a duplex flat if it is available in their budget.  
With duplex flats available on loans people can buy bigger houses and also make each floor and each room a special one. Big reputed builders have also developing various complexes in budget range for people to opt for this life style in terms of home purchases. So it may not always be costly and as the rate per square foot will the be the same the total area for your duplex flat will also be calculated in the same way as any other flat in that area.
Apply for a home loan for a duplex flat and purchase your duplex dream home and enjoy the life style!

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