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24 September 2011

How to Earn Money from your Home Loan

Earn Money from your Home Loan- Rizwana Mundewadi
Earning money is always welcome and people are trying to search fro opportunities to earn more and increase their financial standing. You, the borrower of an home loan can earn money by investing in a flat. Let us see how this opportunity to earn money works.
Working couples are at an advantage as they have two incomes coming into the household. One of the incomes can be used totally for investment purposes as another can be used for monthly household expenses. With income ranging from 50, 000 to a lakh per month , usually the IT sector is booming, the couple can think of investments at an early stage.  With working couples and working executives there is no problem for salary proof or approval of home loans if they have the repayment capacity for the loan.
A well balanced approach towards investing in property will surely help you to earn more money and also enjoy the ownership of a flat. If you are already own a house then the next option would be to purchase another house and put it on rent. Get your home loan easily approved and then take possession of the new flat immediately. With the possession of the flat your EMIs will begin and you will get the ownership papers and documents oft he new house. Once this is achieved you can either rent it to family, friends or even big companies.
Many established or new companies offer their employees rent for staying and you can use this opportunity to earn more money. This is also safe as the companies have their legal documents clear and you do not have to fear ownership issues over rented people with them. As the companies have done all legal procedures and sign an agreement for rent with you it is assured that you also get he rent every month without fail. This money can be used to pay your EMIs and also many times if you have selected a flat near railway station or airport your rent will be nearly double or triple as compared to other area flats.
So if you hare eligible for applying and getting a home loan go ahead and get it and start earning money from your home loan!

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