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09 September 2011

Latest Second Home Loans

People having homes are now opting for purchasing second homes as investment or for recreation purposes. With getaways and vacations growing dearer many middle class people are choosing to buy property on the outskirts or native place to enjoy vacations at their own leisure and also with the comforts of your home.
Second home loans are available to any borrower who has the repayment capacity and usually all financial institutions are offering second home loans. The latest second home loans are available at lower rate of interest and also flexible repayment options. Since a second home is purchased after the borrower already owns a house or other property and is well settled financially there are less hassles in proving their financial position and repayment capacity. Some people opt for purchasing a second home immediately after their first home loan is completely repaid. 
This comes to their advantage as the lenders are aware of the borrower’s repayment capacity which they have proved by completing the previous home loan on time. Their past track record on credit card statements and repayment of other loans will get the second home loans immediately approved. This approval of second home loans may also not take much time as all your documents could be in place and also the lending institution will have your past history of timely repayment of EMIs.
One can also mortgage the same owned house as a security and apply for another loan to purchase s second home. Since you will have developed the habit of collecting money for EMI every month think of this as another big saving and investment which would always appreciate in value. Property purchased will always appreciate in value unlike any other investment and it sure will pay to invest in purchasing a second home even if it is on loan.

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