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28 September 2011

New 25 Year Home Loan by Edelweiss Housing Finance Company Limited

This Edelweiss Housing Finance Limited is a housing finance company having many financial solutions for individuals as well as the corporate sector. As there are many options for borrowing money for different types of loans now many financial companies are offering total financial solutions to people as well as businesses. This Edelweiss Company also offers housing loans and their eligibility criteria are also the same as for other loan lending institutions.
They do promise easy loans approval in less time and also a larger loan amount as compared to other loan lending institutions. By filling the online home loan calculator the borrowers can get the amount of loan at a click and also a one time insurance premium amount to be paid for the home loan. Home loans can be got at fixed rate of interest or variable rate of interest and there is also a wonderful option of fixed variable combo loans which are made according to the borrower’s specific needs and Edelweiss also offer custom made financial solutions to all your loans.
With the benefit of quick and easy loan shifting and transfer even if the borrower has any ongoing home loan they can easily shift their home loan to Edelweiss housing home loans. Even Edelweiss offer great opportunity for top up loans that is you can avail another loan by mortgaging the same property.
One of the biggest plus point and a boom for borrowers of home loans is they have a extended loan repayment tenure. Having a repayment schedule planned for a maximum of 25 years, which is the longest among other competitors of housing loans they do have a great opportunity to get reduced EMI every month. The loan tenure being larger it is understood that the amount offered as loan will be divided for more years and thus the EMI amount will be reduced per month.

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