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12 October 2011

Biggest Offer on Booking a Home at Property Exhibition

There are many exhibitions regularly and people go out in search of the right property and home for themselves or for investment options within their budget. With the biggest advantage of getting so many choices within their location limits and budget there is also another bigger advantage, that of getting a legally approved place.
With the example of the MCHI expo that is over the festive weekend now at the MMRDA grounds Bandra Kurla Complex  there are many such exhibitions that are conducted in various locations but this is the biggest and has more than 15,000 properties under one roof. With property ranging from lakhs to crores you definitely need the right guidance and it is advisable to first go through the many properties which are within your budget.
Only approved and cleared properties and housing projects are selected for display here and this is the biggest advantage for home seekers as they do not face the risk of investing in a wrong choice where the construction is stuck up or there is a stay order on the construction due to legal title clearance problems. Searching for a home is a tedious task and also very tiring if you go up and down the suburbs from eats to west. With the many properties and big reputed builders involve din such exhibitions the home buyers get the right choice. There are also more than 15 financial loan lending companies who are willing to offer on spot home loans to borrowers. In fact here are many construction projects and housing projects where they advertise the customers to come with some required documents for getting quick home loan approval and also get attractive offers and concessions on the ‘on the spot’ booking of a flat.
There are many who wait for such property exhibitions and for some it may be the decision time as they may be scared to take the big decision of first home purchase. For such people who are thinking and discussing the buying of home many times but are afraid to take the decision, they now have to take the final plunge and make the decision of selecting their property and sign on the dotted line!

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