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08 October 2011

Over 15,000 Housing Properties Under One Roof

The MCHI property Expo 2011 kicked off with lots of grandeur and with the Dasheera and upcoming Diwali home seekers are queued up to make the most awaited purchase of their dream home. What are the reasons and advantages of such Expo and property exhibitions for home buyers on a home loan?
With code of ethics followed by regulatory committee of the MCHI the customer is assured of the rules and documents in place and can make the decision of going ahead in purchasing a property for staying or for investing purposes. Let us first consider what advantages are for the builder community. The biggest advantage for builders is that they get the major chunk of customers under one roof. Here there are buyers and people do not come just to loiter around unlike malls and other exhibitions where impulsive purchases are done. Here there are serious buyers and who already have made the decision t purchase a home or property and need the final green signal. So it becomes very easy for the developers and builders to present all their upcoming and ongoing construction and building projects to the right people.
For the buyers they are saved the hassle of going in search of properties according to their budget and location. The biggest advantage of such property exhibitions is that borrowers of home loans get concessions on interest rates as well as other administrative expenses and also get good offers on ‘on the spot’ purchases and decisions.
You can be clear about your goals and such expo’s help you to define your goals. Some people are out to buy their first property and home whereas there are other who are looking for an investment option. Some people have needs for a smaller flat whereas some are going in search of villas. Whatever your needs the MCHI property Expo 2011 has come up with guidelines and any home seeker can choose the best offer from the many choices of properties and plots available.

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