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05 October 2011

Should I Discuss My Home Loan with my Fiancé?

Discuss Home Loan with Fiance'
This question is arising in many minds and people often go about selecting matches on matrimonial sites. There are many matrimonial websites which can match and provide right grooms and brides contacts online. With the marriage season picking up with Daseera and coming near Diwali and other festivals many people are coinciding their marriages during this festive period. You are also bound to get good attractive home loans offers during this festive season. You as a groom and your family may also take some offer in case you wish to buy a new home to shift after marriage. Even the bride may have an ongoing home loan that has been taken previous to marriage considerations and is already paying EMIs for the same. Should you discuss about your home loan to your fiancé?
Discuss your Home Loan with your Fiance
Yes definitely. A home loan is a major decision which will take the chunk of your salary. If you are a groom and are discussing marriage and have finalized a proposal it would be right to discuss financial matters like home loans to avoid any misunderstandings and complications later. If your bride comes mentally prepared regarding your loan then the repayment tenure will pass easily. Also her family will be co-operative if they know that you are going in for purchasing a own flat for both of you. Thought the trend for dowry is a no no and an offense we all know that parents of the bride do offer gifts and furniture as is our Indian tradition. Here if they are aware of your position you can request them a cash gift instead of all these and help in your repayment of your home loan. By this commitment of home loan you can also go in for a simple marriage and keep aside the savings for repayments. The bride also needs to confide about her loan if she is purchasing the flat for the couple then all will be happy and in fact she will get a good match since the burden of purchasing a home for the new married couple will already been taken care of in the beginning of marriage.
But usually many times it is not so. People often avoid financial matters which lead to problems later on. Your salary will be divided and your commitments every month for repayment of your loans in form of EMI will affect both.  Try to inform the opposite party when you finalize your marriage and go with the decision together, it will be a happy journey trust me!

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