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13 October 2011

This Home Loan Approval is Confusing and Taking Time

For some people these entire bundles or heap of document seems like a maze and is totally confusing to maintain all this. Many housing finance companies and banks request borrowers to make a special file of all these documents to keep record of all the documents and papers required during the process of application and approval of your home loan. Since all this takes time it would be advisable to make a water proof file and keep your entire documents in place.
Select a big file and most times the bank will guide you about the size and quality of file required. It would be better to invest in a good quality file as remember all your important documents will go in here along with the original document of your home ownership after your home loan is approved. It is known that all lending companies would keep the original house document of ownership with them for the loan repayment period as this acts as a security for them for offering you the home loan amount for such a  long period.
One most important point here is to provide only those documents that have been mentioned in the eligibility criteria. What mostly happen that you unknowingly provide all the documents like all you other investments, other property owned and other assets to get you home loan approved quickly. But the opposite happens. When you provide certain documents the verification officer is bound to do more enquiries and you will have to go on submitting other proofs and documents for verifying your submitted documents. They are tied by rules so they have to do a thorough check. In he end you feel the officers are harassing you as this approval of loan is taking more time than the other loan applicants.
You are totally confused and lose hope from the home loan system. Hence it is best to go through the free reputed sites of reputed lenders and housing finance companies and get a true picture of what documents are required from you and use the online home loan calculators, and other calculators to get the loan amount as well as lending institutions for you with your eligibility criteria and then start with the final face to face talk regarding your home loan.


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