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16 November 2011

Important Tip for the Intelligent Home Loan Borrowers

Home loans are available at a high rate of interest and the borrower has to pay back along with the principle amount the amount added as interest in the EMI. As the rates of property are very high so does the loan amount keep increasing and becoming larger and larger. With trends since many years regarding home loan borrowers it has been noticed that the intelligent borrower is always in a hurry to close down his home loan earlier than the repayment tenure in the home loan agreement.
Why is this trend going on and still all borrowers of home loans are waiting for any opportunity to close down earlier than the total repayment tenure date given in the agreement. Many times there is also a prepayment fees and penalty fees for closing down your home loan earlier than the predefined loan tenure but still people who have borrowed large sums as loan try to repay the loan earlier and as soon as they have extra funds or money in any form as bonus, increment or rise in salary.
Your EMI will have the principle amount along with the interest amount and this makes up the total amount of your EMI. Monthly, you as borrower of home loan have to shell out this amount regularly for say 15 to 20 years. So as the loan tenure progresses, so does the interest rate increase, and in the long run, this home loan becomes difficult for you to be committed for a large repayment amount. This not only creates undue stress but also sometimes becomes a burden to give away precious finances in way of interest to the housing finance company.
An intelligent borrower will first and foremost enquire about early prepayment and closing of the home loan and their terms and conditions. Before you commit to any housing finance company it is advisable to enquire about the prepayment and closure of loan rules and processing and penalty fees involved. Since most companies have a minimum 2% of extra fees this amount may vary from lender to lender.
As time will progress you may get additional bonuses and perks or unexpected rise and if you can collect the remaining home loan amount then it is best to repay your loan and take possession of your home documents at the earliest. You will not only save precious money which would have otherwise gone in terms of interest but you will also be free and have ownership title of your flat.

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