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20 May 2012

NA Plots for Sale a Feasibile Option for Building Houses

With buying homes becoming out of reach for many and home loan rates shooting the sky there is another feasible solution coming up. Buying of land. Land purchase is another option where people are opting to purchase land on the outskirts or in their native place and as their budget permits they build their own bungalow, ground plus one floor, duplex or even some get the approval and build tall buildings on this land.
There are few very important points to consider when you go in for purchasing plots for sale.
1)First see the documents whether the land has clear title. The owner has to have clear title of the land they are selling. The land must be on name of the owner, or seller, and if there are a group of owners they must all be mentioned in the deeds and approval for selling by all of them.
2) The land must be NA plot,  non-agricultural.The land must have the permission from the Government to build houses and must be clear of the title of agricultural land. All land is agricultural on the outskirts and approval is required to allow construction to come up. If not you will have to get the approval by submitting all the documents and get the approval before you can begin construction on such agricultural land.
3) Selecting a plot consider the environment, surroundings and facilities provided by the seller. The local village is near or far off. All daily necessities can be taken care of like electricity, water and in fact there have been cases where many plots are sold when there is no road or access to the plot!
4) Loan facility for purchasing NA plots is also available with many housing agencies. Many sellers have tie up with housing finance companies and you get loan to purchase land or plot. If you wish to give the total payment do ask for a reduction in the cost of plot, you can avail great offers and concessions when you are willing to make total payment at one time for purchasing a plot.
5) Get receipts of payment after your deal. You have to be careful if the plot has not get the approval of NA from Government and whether this is in progress you get a memorandum of understanding by the seller which states that the land has been transferred into your name, the buyer of the land.

Negative Expression of Emotions in Art - by Rizwana Mundewadi

I was viewing few artist works and wondered what some artist go to express, is it that there is so much emotional turmoil within, is it that THEY ARE FRUSTRATED SOULS IN SEARCH OF EXPRESSION, OR JUST FOR PLAIN ATTENTION!
Art can be expressed in various forms, a sculpture with broken arms, a collage with torn papers to make form and also blobs of paint splashed. Art does make me question what artists are made up of. An expression which cannot be controlled and an expression which will some how come out in one form or the other.  Am I avoiding these emotions or it is just that I feel there is too much sadness, unhappiness in this world and I just do not want to increase the agony by doing hatred art.
Negative emotions and paintings have been an important part of art history since ages and there are prominent artists who have expressed  negative emotions in their art. I am not a trained artist so no pun intended, I do not understand art very well. I have to study deep each artwork to be able to understand the artist, which makes me then follow up to understand their ART. Anger, fear, loneliness, hatred, violence, jealousy all are forms of expressions seen in paintings. Does the artist heal by doing this art? Is the form of expression helping them to let go of these negative emotions after they finish this painting? well the negative emotion sure does transfer itself to the viewers, in fact a good negative emotion painting is sold fast, does the viewer connect to this artwork, are there within each one of us a deep feelings of repressed emotions which need an outlet? so many questions , no answers...
My spiritual journey and art has gone along as true soul companions. Each step of moving ahead on the spiritual ladder my art has transformed from lines, sacred geometry to symbolism and literally using powerful symbols for healing. After doing reiki the deep understanding of emotions, the past karmas block, the negativity all unfolded as each chapter from a book of life. I have learned to accept and divert these energies and in fact I feel using healing symbols brings you to your central core where you are connected to the whole universe, you are an important part of the whole picture, ...acceptance heals.
Even after the artist is no more the art remains and I do wish to leave this world leaving behind some happy paintings. I know many feel my art childish,  but I do have a valid answer,
being innocent as a child to paint simple colourful art even after all the qualifications and knowledge  is an art in itself. To let go of the learned knowledge and paint on a blank canvas making your mind blank, let the energies of the universe flow through me as an empty hollow channel for bringing about harmony, peace, good luck and prosperity, that is my healing art.
 I leave you to think about yourself, your art and your karma, do think about it. Portfolio Portfolio

17 May 2012

The purpose of Healing art - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio
Art is a visual conversation where the artist and the viewer communicate through all senses. A silent communication which will take you to another realm, a place of serenity, fantasy or utopia.  The purpose of art is to give you a small trip to your dream or some private place which you have never imagined.
Healing art is a play of colours, leading to abstraction, the healer uses colours to heal the viewers, as the healing painting progresses the images disappear leaving only blobs of colour.Symbolism is an important part of healing art for me as I can connect to these healing symbols and transfer the energy to the healee. Spiritual paintings heal the viewers through healing energies put up intentionally by the healing artist for the benefit and good luck of all. Heal the mind, body and soul. Reiki symbols help to heal every aspect of your life be it, health, wealth, relationships or career. Even past karmic blocks can be removed to clear off past bad karma with these powerful symbols that are imbibed in the healing paintings. The energy can be felt by viewers who are in most need of healing and they feel connected.
Healing art can heal physical health problems, mental stress and open up your chakras for well being and energize them. It is a way of positive energy and affirmations to heal yourself and get a self direction. Go through my healing  paintings for healing energy or just enjoy my colourful innocent art.
I wish to make simple colourful understandable healing art. Portfolio

Slide Shows another Presentation of Art - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio
 Yet another love, another passion to make art connect to the soul. Paintings often speak, symbols connect and each one views differently. My art  challenges your psyche and I too sometimes get to hear explanations that are so vague, different and this has made me agree the fact that each one views art differently.
I would often say a rose is a rose whereas viewers comments have made me think that the rose painting is not just a rose,  it is passionate love, shocking red or friendly yellow. Presenting a slide show
 is just one of the ways to present art. The flow with images, takes us to another dimension with the paintings speaking for themselves.

view this link on you tube to see some of my favorite works
Do go through my slide shows and yes any comments are welcome.
I wish to make simple, colourful, understandable art. Portfolio

15 May 2012

Home Loan Industry , who will have the last laugh!

The home loan industry is at a fix, not because people are shying away from taking new home loans but because there is a quiet lull in this industry. With builders keeping on and on there is no way houses are selling. Who will have the last laugh, the borrower or the lender?the home buyer or the home builder?
The home loan industry was booming a few years back when everyone was applying for a home loan and with the tax benefits not just people who needed home loans but also those who could afford buying homes outright, were applying for and repaying home loans.There were lots of benefits involved in home loans earlier but now the situation has changed totally. The true picture now is that people are afraid of taking any loans . Financial instability and job insecurity are two major drawbacks everyone is facing. The rates of property are shooting the sky and once a flat of one room kitchen was affordable but now even small flats are worth lakhs of rupees.
Wonder who will have the last laugh the builders are going on taking loans from the industry and building ultra modern structures but the buyers are still waiting for homes to become affordable. The genuine buyer cannot afford houses with their high rates and the investment buyers would definitely not go in for a crore rupee flat!
The solutions must be practical and feasible. Unless the buyers see definite benefits the situation is not going to improve. there was news about Government giving extra 20% FSI to builders to build budget homes compulsorily in housing societies along with the other range homes.
Now builders are not very happy with this offer as people who would buy a bigger flat would not be very much happy with sharing the space with a single room kitchen families. Giving the same facilities for people buying one room and also those buying four would be unjust and also the buyers would not like to mingle among the total crowd. Justifiable, the slow snail movement with very few buyers who have no other options there are also many who are accepting the rented living offers. No commitments and no strings attached!