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20 May 2012

Negative Expression of Emotions in Art - by Rizwana Mundewadi

I was viewing few artist works and wondered what some artist go to express, is it that there is so much emotional turmoil within, is it that THEY ARE FRUSTRATED SOULS IN SEARCH OF EXPRESSION, OR JUST FOR PLAIN ATTENTION!
Art can be expressed in various forms, a sculpture with broken arms, a collage with torn papers to make form and also blobs of paint splashed. Art does make me question what artists are made up of. An expression which cannot be controlled and an expression which will some how come out in one form or the other.  Am I avoiding these emotions or it is just that I feel there is too much sadness, unhappiness in this world and I just do not want to increase the agony by doing hatred art.
Negative emotions and paintings have been an important part of art history since ages and there are prominent artists who have expressed  negative emotions in their art. I am not a trained artist so no pun intended, I do not understand art very well. I have to study deep each artwork to be able to understand the artist, which makes me then follow up to understand their ART. Anger, fear, loneliness, hatred, violence, jealousy all are forms of expressions seen in paintings. Does the artist heal by doing this art? Is the form of expression helping them to let go of these negative emotions after they finish this painting? well the negative emotion sure does transfer itself to the viewers, in fact a good negative emotion painting is sold fast, does the viewer connect to this artwork, are there within each one of us a deep feelings of repressed emotions which need an outlet? so many questions , no answers...
My spiritual journey and art has gone along as true soul companions. Each step of moving ahead on the spiritual ladder my art has transformed from lines, sacred geometry to symbolism and literally using powerful symbols for healing. After doing reiki the deep understanding of emotions, the past karmas block, the negativity all unfolded as each chapter from a book of life. I have learned to accept and divert these energies and in fact I feel using healing symbols brings you to your central core where you are connected to the whole universe, you are an important part of the whole picture, ...acceptance heals.
Even after the artist is no more the art remains and I do wish to leave this world leaving behind some happy paintings. I know many feel my art childish,  but I do have a valid answer,
being innocent as a child to paint simple colourful art even after all the qualifications and knowledge  is an art in itself. To let go of the learned knowledge and paint on a blank canvas making your mind blank, let the energies of the universe flow through me as an empty hollow channel for bringing about harmony, peace, good luck and prosperity, that is my healing art.
 I leave you to think about yourself, your art and your karma, do think about it. Portfolio Portfolio

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