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17 May 2012

The purpose of Healing art - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio
Art is a visual conversation where the artist and the viewer communicate through all senses. A silent communication which will take you to another realm, a place of serenity, fantasy or utopia.  The purpose of art is to give you a small trip to your dream or some private place which you have never imagined.
Healing art is a play of colours, leading to abstraction, the healer uses colours to heal the viewers, as the healing painting progresses the images disappear leaving only blobs of colour.Symbolism is an important part of healing art for me as I can connect to these healing symbols and transfer the energy to the healee. Spiritual paintings heal the viewers through healing energies put up intentionally by the healing artist for the benefit and good luck of all. Heal the mind, body and soul. Reiki symbols help to heal every aspect of your life be it, health, wealth, relationships or career. Even past karmic blocks can be removed to clear off past bad karma with these powerful symbols that are imbibed in the healing paintings. The energy can be felt by viewers who are in most need of healing and they feel connected.
Healing art can heal physical health problems, mental stress and open up your chakras for well being and energize them. It is a way of positive energy and affirmations to heal yourself and get a self direction. Go through my healing  paintings for healing energy or just enjoy my colourful innocent art.
I wish to make simple colourful understandable healing art. Portfolio

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