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17 May 2012

Slide Shows another Presentation of Art - by Rizwana Mundewadi Portfolio
 Yet another love, another passion to make art connect to the soul. Paintings often speak, symbols connect and each one views differently. My art  challenges your psyche and I too sometimes get to hear explanations that are so vague, different and this has made me agree the fact that each one views art differently.
I would often say a rose is a rose whereas viewers comments have made me think that the rose painting is not just a rose,  it is passionate love, shocking red or friendly yellow. Presenting a slide show
 is just one of the ways to present art. The flow with images, takes us to another dimension with the paintings speaking for themselves.

view this link on you tube to see some of my favorite works
Do go through my slide shows and yes any comments are welcome.
I wish to make simple, colourful, understandable art. Portfolio

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