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29 August 2012

Couple Not Stayed for More Than Three Years get UK NRI Home Loans

People who have been to the UK for job and do have all the employment details in hand, that is  the passport, identity proof, employment certificate, your salary slips ans of course your bank statements as an account holder in an UK bank, is all enough for you to get a home loan in UK.
Over the years there were many questions and criterion for selecting a prospective borrower NRI , from any other country staying in UK for employment purposes to get a home loan. Though there still are the procedures and formalities to be followed the rules can be bent for certain specific clients as borrowers of a home loan in UK to get a quick home loans and get it approved.
Many people who have joined on work in the UK having the required documents and work permit in place along with the document proof of identity and wish to apply for a home loan in the UK can find out lenders who are willing to offer home loans without fulfilling the required criteria of time for NRIs.Even f you have not worked for more than two or three years and have a good salary per month, this proof can get your UK home loan approved.
Try to research and ask for as many quotations from UK lenders as is possible and find out which housing finance companies are willing to lend you a home loan for buying a home in UK.If your spouse is also working this adds to your advantage as you can also show the salary proof of your spouse and this adds to your monthly incoming salary every month.There are many home loan lending companies and mortgage providers who would be happy to guide you and help you in fulfilling your dream of purchasing a home in the UK. You can also take the help of a good financial consultant of financial planner who will guide you for the same.
It is important to remember that if you are considering of taking a large amount as UK home loan do keep aside a respectable amount for your monthly expenses and unexpected expenses. Many couples in the UK get emotional and go in for purchase of a bigger home in the UK and as the home loan provider will get his installments as EMI every month you may have to sacrifice some other priorities in this case, which may affect your family life adversely. So do remember to use this salary proof to your advantage to get a UK home loan approved but take only that which you will be able to repay over the loan tenure. Maybe you can select a plan of repayment with smaller EMIs and longer loan repayment tenure.


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  2. Thanks Switeno Dibz for the information you have given hope it helps many people staying in UK who wish to avail a loan.

  3. A couple not stayed in UK for three years got loan. Very strange

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