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30 October 2012

Informed Art Buyer Today Choose Online Art - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Art collection has emerged as not only one for passion but also a step for investment. As art is emerging as a safe forms of investment that not only gives one satsifaction of owning an original but also over the years returns in financial terms.
Today the art collector is well informed and does not make impulsive purchases. In case you wish to buy art the best place would be to select a few reputed online art galleries or reputed art dealers who can guide you. Why I would prefer to buy from a reputed gallery, art is not in rate of peanuts, especially famous artists works cost a fortune, you just cannot risk the amount on a fake. Going through a reputed onine art gallery would assure you the authenticity of the painting and also help you to know the artist better by going through their profile as many times as you wish unlike meeting them personally which would be a one time session. The online gallery also would be a mediator in terms of communication with the artists and they would also help in negotiating the price of the painting if the artist is open to it, thus saving your money. 
I do love the online galleries and if buying art is concerned would prefer that I get my time alone to view the art , at different times, maybe within few days, months  again to see whether I really love this and then go ahead with the purchase, unlike when I visit a show I feel the prying eyes of the artists and maybe hope and expectation of a sale, and more too often they as we just glance in their direction.they just begin blah blah about themselves and their painting, just wait ... you cannot cheat on a sale, let the buyer take their time, as if they are interested they will come to you and if not howver much you try to convince they will close off on your conversation.
Recently a friend who wished to purchase art seeped through many online galleries and selected a piece in his budget, only to find that the painting was too large, they did get a print option. This usually happens when we just look at the images and forget to see the details provided. An informed art buyer today is aware that going through all the details is important before selecting any art. Many online art galleries have done this for you with online selectors that help you to provide details of your requriements, be it budget, size, media and availability of the piece you choose. So that you are not left feeling sorry when you love an art piece and find that the painting is sold, there are also print options if you wish to purchase art within budget as canvas and fine art paper prints come to much lower price ranges and you get to hang this piece in your home. Convenience counts today with fast paced life.
Art buyers today wait and then think and make a sane decision of buying art. As an artist I do love my online art galleries for the sheer reason that I do not have to make rounds of galleries spending money and time, and my gallery helps to promote my art to so many viewers. They are justified to take commission on the sales as they have administrative expenses in maintaining a website and providing web space to artists. Going through a art gallery for buying art would assure I get a genuine piece and with this channel would have some one to fall back on even while selling this art. Yes your online gallery also has a list of genuine art collectors who are on look out for good and appreciating in value art. The art buyer today would be willing to put money on new artists and buy cheaper works that would appreciate in value over time. And if budget permits they also would bet on safe artists,(read  famous) who already have a market value for their art. Art investment is emerging as a safer investment option with share market a risky one and only property investment that is increasing over the time. 
I personally feel buying art may have an emotional aspect but it is a sane decision, we love the piece and would love to share our life with this piece hanging on our walls, and viewing it for many years, enjoying the art and of course who knows after few years it would fetch you a fortune! 
On the personal front paintings again reviewed, only the best will remain  Clearing off the clutter, not clinging to every piece of  paper I have drawn or colored on. Considering repainting a few old canvases along with fresh ones. The journey continues and the Red Pilgrim coming to terms with my healing art, do i present myself as a magician,  or a simple pure soul, does my art represent  the desire of my heart for healing others...signing off , a few cubism artworks now for the time being, bigger paintings,  while I reconsider my reiki and me.
"If you love something the whole universe conspires to get it for you""
All the best, take care and God Bless! Portfolio

Get Prequalified for Home Loan Wells Fargo Bank NA

Buying a new home, holiday home, a foreclosure property you are interested in or a property for investment purposes abroad has become convenient by the Wells Fargo Bank's online calculators. With the list of simple online calculators you can apply and get prequalified for a home loan.  
The Wells Fargo Bank NA not only has calculators for estimated amount you can get as a loan but they also have legal advisors for other matters or issues related to your loan. Difficulties in repayment, adjustment of installments and EMIs as well as failure to repay the monthly installment all issues can be handled by the legal advisors and the Wells Fargo bank also has many loan modification programs for people unable to repay their home loan thus facilitating the process of repayment and thus saving your home.
The word Prequalification means the borrower can get a prequalification certificate, a legal paper that guarantees that the borrower will get a home loan from this bank. The bank assess your financial status by going through all financial documents and legally approves you for a certain amount you can borrow as a home loan in future. For this the bank will go through your total income and expenditure every month. This will include the total money coming in and not the amount of total salary, but the take home pay. The dependent members in your family and the compulsory expenses you have every month will also be assessed , your credit card statements, your total investments and assets which give a clear picture of your financial repayment capacity, and thus the bank will come up with a figure of amount you can repay if you take a home loan. According to financial advisors this Bank statement is usually legally valid for the next six months and this prequalification letter Wells Fargo Bank will facilitate the home loan process in case you apply for a home loan here and get a quick approval.
With the Wells Fargo Bank NA  a good point is you have the online currency calculator that keeps you up to date with the repayment schedules and the currency calculators converts the currency according to the total value everyday, so you get the right updated amount everyday as the currency rates change.

Home Affordable Modification program Bank of America

Bank of America has programs to help home loan borrowers who are unable to repay their monthly installments on time due to unexpected financial crunch or loss of job. Home Affordable program is a government program for helping individuals who are facing financial crises. Federal Government Home Loan Modification program, is in no way to close your loan, but a help to reduce the total amount paid as mortgage every month.
The Bank of America Home Modification program eligibility criteria is stated  as the home loan borrower facing any financial crises, divorce or death of a partner, which makes the other unable to meet the financial deadline of collecting the total amount of repayment of home loan every month. The trial three month period is worked out by the banks representatives and as this period, a trial is given if the home loan borrower is able to pay the monthly reduced EMIs. If this works out the home loan borrower, the Bank agreement will be signed and accepted as  a home loan modification case and the terms of your home loan will be revised according to the amount you can repay in your budget.
This is a welcome gesture from the Bank as home loan modifications helps the borrower to keep their home and also adjust their installments according to their budget.
All the Best from Rizwana!

28 October 2012

Unemployment and Home Loan Help Program by Bank of America

The Bank of America has a unique unemployment program for those who due to unexpected financial circumstances are not or could not pay back their monthly home loan EMIs on time.  With the Bank of America unemployment program, the bank’s representatives guide individual borrowers who are facing job problems and are also registered on the government as of status unemployed.
This Is a unique program which helps home loan borrowers who are unable to pay back monthly EMIs or have not paid  to get a grace period of twelve months while they are searching for job. This space provided allows the home loan borrowers to arrange for finances and find a job which will begin their monthly income. The bank of America unemployment program has certain eligibility criteria, the borrowers must be receiving unemployment benefits since past six months from government, and the home you are staying is your only residence property. In case the borrower does not fulfill this criteria for approval of the unemployment program it is better to first contact the banks representatives and home loan recoverers who will be able to guide and help to find out a way till your get a new job in the Unites States.
It is a breather provided as help for home loaners who face sudden loss of job or financial crises. The Home unemployment program is in no way to be confused as closure of home loan  or selling off of the property under consideration. The Bank of America is in no terms going to cancel the loan , or reduce the loan amount, just that there is a time gap of twelve months given for the home loan borrowers to get time and finding a new job.
According to the Bank of America website, clear picture of this program is available online with online calculators and eligibility criteria for this program. Repayments of the home loan will soon resume after the borrower gets a regular job and income, and here according to mutual consideration from the bank and the borrower, the borrower has to pay back a total amount remaining, or a collection of amount of EMIs that were unpaid, whatever is worked out. But this help matters a lot instead of losing your precious property and home. The time you get to tide over the financial crises while repaying your home loan is very important and help to save your home on a home loan. 

Three Month Trial Home Modification Program JP Morgan Chase NA for Saving Foreclosure Home

home loan modification program, JP Morgan Chase, one of the oldest banks in United States having a reputed name among lenders in many countries claim to have helped many to save their homes in the United States from foreclosure due to repayment of mortgage issues.  The JP Morgan Bank US claims to offer free service to all clients finding it difficult to repay their loans on time and are in condition of losing their homes.
They claim to have prevented almost half a million foreclosures since the past three years and with their three month trial program of repayment their representatives plan a guide for all clients for free. When financial crises sets in unexpectedly the most affected is your home loan. Crises can be in unexpected salary drop, losing a job, natural disasters and many other causes, which result in a financial crunch. With the inability to repay the home loan EMI on time and also no chance of situation changing the JP Morgan Bank trial tree month home loan modification program is a sure saver to many borrowers in the United States.
The JP Morgan Bank New York home loan modification program is a personalized guide for any financial crises and their representatives after consulting and considering your financial expenses, income and total assets guide you to a workable plan for repayment of mortgage. They consider not only the income available but also the other expense you are committed to and suggest a workable solution. The three month program allows the client to live with available finances and repay the loan amount also. This program is chalked out by considering all the sources of income, assets available and what amount can be collected by selling some assets, and also redirecting your loan to a better financial company with a reasonable interest rate option.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Romancing the Star - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Observing the stars , since past few years, the terrace garden, my small piece under the sky, connecting with God, my friend, himself, the guides, the nature spirits, the plants, the flowers, all these emotions, feelings all poured on the canvas, finished an abstract cubism artwork "enchanting garden".
The stars peeping between the clouds, shining bright, playing hide and seek, still and quiet, there is a spiritual belief that you connect with a star. A corresponding star, your friend in the sky, I have instantly connected with the most brightest star, and since the past six years as I get time before sunset and the dawn moments this star shining so bright amongst all the others, even when the sky is dull, cloudy, little foggy this star seems appearing so close to me, inspiration for another artwork..the formations among them, the relationships with one star and the other forming patterns, lines, shapes, triangles, connections...some known some unknown.. always being in mode of thanks giving to the universal life force,  and emotions of universal love in abundance, I thank God for being my friend, the one who always understands me, guides me, gives only the best for me, solitude , my choice.
I knew inspiration would come from the garden plants, nature spirits, but I did not want to make floral art. Avoiding the emotions since the past many years, keeping to my symbols, the new healing from fragrant flowers flowing from my heart, pouring on my canvas, going with the flow.. Portfolio

26 October 2012

Buy Second Home Miami Beach Tips for selecting Homes UK

Miami beach front is the best place any one can dream of owning a home. Having dream of buying a second home abroad, Miami is the best place with many new constructions coming up you may consider an ready possession apartment or one in under construction. What decisions will we need to first make before committing to a house or condo on Miami beach front. Though we all agree the cool breeze and the total fantasy view of Miami beach is out of this world certain important points must be well discussed and cleared before you think of investing in any property in the UK.
Budget and how far can you stretch it  when you really like a house in UK. Think about the total expenses you will have to face after the purchase of a new home on the beach front. Will this property home in UK be purchased on loan, will the UK bank offer you a home loan with their fulfilling criteria are you up to the mark. Once all your documents are in place and you have a decided budget that you can spend on this investment  cum holiday home go ahead and find, search for properties in your budget range only. As other wise you may be wasting time looking at lavish villas when you may be able to afford a condo or an apartment in UK, and also it may be the other way round, that you keep looking for small places which may not fulfill your requirements of a second holiday home in UK.
Customized flats and homes can be bought and you can save lots of $ money when you buy a home under construction in the UK. here you can before hand guide the builders of your room requirements and also the interiors,as many people I have seen purchase a new home and once they go for a vacation, to live, again break down all the walls and make new interiors. it would be sane to invest in an under construction property in UK or one that is nearing completion.
As you select a holiday second home or first home in UK also do consider the amenities you will require or are used to, as you will have to pay for this in the property value. Can you do away with the landscaped garden, gymnasium and other amenities provided or you are used to all this and need them even on vacation second home. If you need a simple home as second home in UK then think and view only such budget homes in the UK. Enquire, search , select and purchase a home in UK, an apartment, a condo on Miami beach front, great view, cool breeze, dream home.

25 October 2012

Invest Abroad in Property UK Important Tips

Property and second home investments are increasing day by day. As the prices of property here and abroad are going to increase and no chance for any reduction in home rates people who have the finances are also considering investing in second homes abroad.
UK, Australia, Europe and many small countries have competitive rates for housing. As many countries are open to offering home loans for buying property abroad NRIs can avail loans and buy property for investment in UK. If you are a travelling freak and love to visit different countries for vacations then this is the most sane decision. You save on spending on hotel staying costs and the property rate will always appreciate in value.
While investing abroad in property or second home it is always better to take advice and consult a financial advisor before beginning any foreign investments. The income tax deductions and payment, the concessions and tax savings or payments of extra taxes will also be considered while investing in any foreign property. Your total costs of purchase will be calculated in dollars and you will also need some savings account in a reputed UK  bank, for a few months before applying for a home loan for all financial dealings.
Again if you wish to lend the property for renting basis then you will need to follow the rules and terms and conditions for the same . Property consultants also advice you  can also get a good bargain by considering distress sales of property in smaller countries abroad, though you may need to enquire about their status of clearance of past loans and documents of that property. Also consider the total amount you earn after payment of taxes, maintenance of the property and additional cost you will have to bear over the years before buying any property for investment in the UK.

JP Morgan Chase New York for All Home Mortgage Repayment and Foreclosure Issues

JP Morgan Chase considered one of the top most and reputed banks by the American Banker, is a very good opportunity for all home loan repayment issues for borrowers in the United States. JP Morgan Chase United States an oldest bank with a history of 200 years of service providers, as the JP Morgan banks representatives claim they have helped save many homes in many countries of America by guiding and suggesting practical advice and tips for adjusting the EMI and making the EMIs affordable according to the income available by the borrowers, they are a reputed lenders who you can fall back on before going to part with your property for all loan repayment issues.
JP Morgan Chase US is a lending finance company which advices and gives free financial consultation to people in distress unable to repay their mortgages and loans. They claim to have helped many borrowers save their property by consulting with the clients and coming to terms with their financial condition and a workable home loan repayment schedule. With their home affordable programs they guide to prevent foreclosures and doing away with the loss of property and come to practical budget and affordable EMI amounts which the family can repay without much stress according to their available monthly income.
A team of representatives at the JP Morgan Chase New York Home Ownership Center personally help to understand the financial needs of the clients who are at verge of losing their homes and with collection of all documentation and available finances suggest a workable and practical solution to the repayment schedule. A low stress and practical amount of money is come down to, which the borrowers can repay and save their mortgaged homes. This practical plan, loan modification process is considered for few months at least three, if the borrowers are comfortable with the repayment modified amounts.

Negative Gearing Calculator meaning and Understanding Online calculators

Negative gearing calculator is a guide to potential investors who wish to invest in property abroad or at any place and gives the amount of estimated income from the investment. Online calculators are seen with every financial website and as a borrower or home buyer is free to use the online calculator with a few clicks they can get the estimated amount available for home loan, repayment schedules and also the adjustable loan repayment tenures. Negative gearing calculator is very important to understand whether the investment in property abroad is a sane decision or not, that is it must appreciate and increase our profit and not the other way, where we have to keep paying from our pockets for maintaining this property.
A negative gearing calculator is only a guide but a very good one as you can consider all the expense, known and unknown, for buying any property for investment abroad. The amount going out every month on  your home loan repayments (EMI) as interest , the amount for maintenance for the home or property you have bought and also the amount going as compulsory taxes on the investment property abroad. With the help of negative gearing calculator you can find out the total amount you have spent on buying the property and how much income you are earning from this property, as profit. Many people just jump off with some finances available for investment and buy property but this calculator helps to see the long term effect on this investment.
Not only the total amount you have paid for purchase and the rent you are getting, but also consider the total extra amounts you have to pay over the years, like the maintenance costs of your property, be it repairing of breakdown of equipment or extra costs for renovation of the place , all will add up to your money costs going out, also termed as operating costs.
Financial advisors advice that it is also important to see the rate of appreciation, assumption though,  for the  area you are investing in, with the total amount you are spending now on the property and at what rate the value of your property abroad is going to appreciate over the years. 

24 October 2012

Enjoy Vacation While Buying Property in UK

Vacation foreign country trips to UK are frequent and many fliers enjoy the additional bonuses and discounts on trips by their banks, financial investment companies, credit card companies and as this concession is beneficial during frequent visits to the UK, this also saves some amount on your air fare and is an opportunity to see a few sites for investment and enjoy the extra money saved. Enjoy vacation while buying a property in UK and you can select some if  it falls in your budget. Trips to the UK are becoming expensive with the air fare increasing and perks reducing, though air lines companies are offering many discounts for early bookings on flights any planned visit can save you much  money if you book air tickets in advance.
A new trend is being noticed since few years that people who travel to UK regularly for vacations or business are thinking of investing in small apartments or houses there. If you have the finances then it is better to invest in a property in UK, even though a small one or affordable housing range as you will benefit by saving regularly on the staying hotel costs. While you visit for investment purposes there is no need to be restricted to this only, you can enjoy the trip by combining a few sight seeing tours in the UK along with visiting property for buying.
There are also many financial loan lending companies and banks in the UK who are willing to arrange and guide you for the trips at concessional rates if you are a prospective buyer of property there. You may combine visiting property sites and along with that if there are some tourist sites they also can be enjoyed in the same costs and expenses of travelling. So enjoy a vacation while selecting properties for investment purposes in the UK.

Few practical tips for investment in Property purpose trips UK

A few practical tips for investment in properties located in UK can be handy in saving precious resources, time and money. Enquire, locate and finalize before hand the UK bank where you wish to do all the financial dealing from. All documents regarding money payments and if you wish to avail a loan from any UK bank enquiring about the documents required would save much time and hassles. Abroad when you visit for selecting and looking for property in UK avoid spending much time enquiring about financial loan lenders and contact any reputed UK banks agents or where you may have an savings account before going there physically, and their representatives can guide you for all financial dealings abroad.
Usually many people avoid combining family trips with investment trips, neither is complete! It so happens that you are either enjoying with your family, and thinking about the investment property or rather you are visiting a place to buy and mentally missing your family lunch! Be focused with your time and resources as you are spending in dollars and finally this will add up to the costs of purchasing a property in UK. Be selective in visiting places and houses for sale as again here, you are spending precious time and money by visiting many sites. Select few sites according to your requirements and budget, narrow down to only few in number, and visit only those apartments or houses.
Reputed property consultants advise to be prepared with the total amount first as when you finalize and select a property you would avoid wastage of time for arranging the total amount for buying a property for investment second home in UK. Also if you are prepared you are in a better place for negotiation and getting a good bargain deal for buying any property , as you can reduce the total lump sum amount for purchase.

23 October 2012

Overseas UK Trip for Investing in property

Overseas UK trip for investing in property is for the sole purpose of investment. People love to visit abroad and fights are always full during vacation times and when the season is pleasant in the UK. You may make this overseas trip abroad during off season and visit few properties and homes for sale.
Flats, villas, apartments are on sale in the UK and a good reputed financial manager or representative of any reputed UK bank representative can guide you about loans available. Your trip with the purpose of investment must be focused and avoid wastage of time by searching property on own. There is a risk of getting involved in fraud and bogus deals abroad. It is always better to be secure with a reputed British bank for financial purposes for guidance to a good bargain for buying property in UK.
Contact a reputed housing finance manager from any lender or Bank representative of any UK bank who are willing to offer home loan. Financial advisors also advice and guide you in this matter.
If your colleagues or managers have a property abroad then you can get first hand guidance about buying property in UK and also financial advice on payments and repayment, if you purchase on a loan. It is also sound advice for big companies who have to send representatives every few months abroad for business dealings,  as buying a flat or apartment would work out much reasonable and cheap in the long run , and property rates always appreciate!

Why Need for Tourism with a Purpose of Investment

Tourism with a purpose of investment is becoming more and more common as people go abroad for any vacation trips or work related trips which though official are inclusive of some sight seeing and local spots you can make this trip more fruitful by looking for property for second homes.
As you have already committed for the trip financially by keeping aside the amount required for stay and sight seeing, you may as well enjoy two benefits along way. Many people visit abroad for vacation purposes and as you visit every year and time and again you spend so much on the staying costs. We know costs are always rising and the same suite costs much more every year making you feel the pinch even more, though your family would feel otherwise.
As you cannot cut down on food and travelling there is one option if you are financially secure that you can buy a small place of your own in UK or any country abroad. There are UK banks who would be willing to offer you amounts on loan to buy property abroad in USA. Have this trip with a purpose of investment and as you enjoy the vacation visit some places for buying property. House or flat or a studio apartment can fulfill the required need for stay abroad for few days while you visit on personal vacation, family trip or official trip. And you can select a place according to your budget.
Property in the UK is also on a rise and though the costs comes in $ it is well worth the effort if you are a frequent flier and vacationer to the UK. Australia is also becoming the new hub for investing in property.
You will enjoy much much better on your next trip with a place of your own!

Florida Mortgage Home Equity Loans SunNet Online banking USA

Mortgage Home Equity Loans by SunNet online banking offer loans of different types to borrowers staying only in Florida. Competitive interest rates and flexible terms , you can borrow up to 80% of your mortgage needs with Sun Net banking. With adjustable rates of interest you can borrow on your property a loan amount proportionate to the cost of your property. The only point here is they only offer loans on properties and primary residences located in Florida. Only insured properties get a Home equity mortgage loan especially windstorm and flood insurance is considered compulsory by the online bank.
With a well equipped website informative and detailed description of all the details required for home loans, right from online loan calculators to application from and repayment schedules their online SunNet banking site is quite reader friendly and any NRI staying in Florida can avail this loan. You can easily go through their pages and find home loan information through your personal iphone before choosing the right home loan finance company. The terms and conditions on loan amount may vary but you can get help from their financial advisors.
Though approval is based on terms and conditions and final approval of  NRI home loan, or any type of loan,  would depend on the SunNet online banks terms and conditions. Be it their criteria of desired time you have stayed in USA or your employment terms and your bank statements. A certified bank lender SSFCU follows principles of lending according to the rules and fair practices and equal opportunity for all borrowers, according to law which is helpful as they have their terms and conditions on paper and also a working system for application, and approval of any types of loans, which again is very important especially during the long time of repayment years when the future is so unpredictable, any you may need help during a skipping of EMI or late EMI once in a while!  

SunNet Online Banking Home Loans USA

Suncoast Schools Federal Credit Union Sun Net online banking is a very easy way to apply and get any loan in the USA. With the banks motto, ‘where smart people keep their money’ SSFCU  have a very simple and informative website which allows the borrowers to apply for any type of loans with online loan calculators , very easy and convenient and reader friendly.
As some people still prefer the traditional way to apply for a home loan to take your application in person , the first hand filling and applying for a home loan the bank has their representatives who can guide you and can be contacted through their website or on phone. You may also enquire before hand about  NRI status and the facilities they provide for non resident Indians in terms of loans and other financial facilities.  The contact details are given on their website.  You can contact their representative SSFCU, SunTel, the credit unions touch stone phone system. You can also apply on your personal iphone , as with a few clicks your loan application form can be filled , less paper work and more convenience to the borrowers.
The SunNet banking Interest rates on lending amount, be it adjustable rates of interest, may vary according to changes in the APR (Annual Percentage Rate) with changes according to the index is the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate. So enquiring about the APR  before applying for a home loan will give a better picture on the amount of interest rate and total amount of repayment on your home loan.
Another very good feature is the online SunNet Banks fraudulent pages to get ready alerts to protect yourself from internet bank frauds and identity thefts. For first time home loan they have a proper guide that takes you from step by step towards your goal of buying your first home. A certified bank lender according to rules and fair practices the bank has many types of loans available.
It is always better to take help of a financial advisor before borrowing any type of loan as they will be a better guide for the first time home loan borrowers.

09 October 2012

Pick Up Facility for NRI Staying in UK Buying Property in India

Pick up facility for UK Indians who wish to purchase property in India is becoming common. As flat rates are exorbitant and no chance of falling or correction in home prices buyers who have the cash continue to purchase property and houses for investment purposes.As also with UK Indians who are wishing to invest and buy homes back in India continue to visit and select few good properties for investment purposes.
It is common  trend that pick up facilities are provided by the builders and developers for buyers so that they get the site place correct and as the journey is made comfortable the buyers are in open mind to choose such properties. First of all I have noticed that most lands for sale or Non agricultural land available are at far off places. It is not possible to travel by public transport and the only way to access such far off sites is by private vehicles and cars. Most NRI prefer that there is pick up facility as they are not familiar with all places in Mumbai or India in general and this also avoids their searching for properties and visiting places on their own. The vehicles usually Air conditioned have pick up facility from certain centres where the customers can reach at the appointed time with prior appointment.
In general a good option for investors who wish to buy property or land in India as they have no doubt to go through all the proceedings of searching, selecting , finalizing and buying property for investment, and all this is done in less time and hassles. On the outskirts of the city of Mumbai, Pune, or Nashik or Karjat there are many properties available for sale and if you wish to purchase land for building a farm house or villa bungalow you can purchase land at very cheap rates.
These contacts can be got from your estate agent or advertisements and you can fix prior appointment on telephone or email.The respective managers contact you and arrange for a free pick up from the centre at the given time. Usually the vehicles are spacious and good in condition and the managers take utmost care to make your journey visit to site the most comfortable one with music playing according to your tastes!
You have to be careful before committing to any deals on the site visit. However much you are tempted to buy the land or villa bungalows at the moment as you see it at first sight , do take pause break, do go home and think. Discuss with your financial advisor or friends back here. Try to talk with the manger regarding the rates, concessions available and the previous number of buyers who have invested in that area. They have offered the land or property at cheap rates, do enquire about the verification of land, of clear title and previous owners or original documents. And finally being an NRI what concession and facilities they offer you in terms of lumpsum reduction in amount for buying of property or availability of loans for NRIs staying in UK.