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30 October 2012

Informed Art Buyer Today Choose Online Art - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Art collection has emerged as not only one for passion but also a step for investment. As art is emerging as a safe forms of investment that not only gives one satsifaction of owning an original but also over the years returns in financial terms.
Today the art collector is well informed and does not make impulsive purchases. In case you wish to buy art the best place would be to select a few reputed online art galleries or reputed art dealers who can guide you. Why I would prefer to buy from a reputed gallery, art is not in rate of peanuts, especially famous artists works cost a fortune, you just cannot risk the amount on a fake. Going through a reputed onine art gallery would assure you the authenticity of the painting and also help you to know the artist better by going through their profile as many times as you wish unlike meeting them personally which would be a one time session. The online gallery also would be a mediator in terms of communication with the artists and they would also help in negotiating the price of the painting if the artist is open to it, thus saving your money. 
I do love the online galleries and if buying art is concerned would prefer that I get my time alone to view the art , at different times, maybe within few days, months  again to see whether I really love this and then go ahead with the purchase, unlike when I visit a show I feel the prying eyes of the artists and maybe hope and expectation of a sale, and more too often they as we just glance in their direction.they just begin blah blah about themselves and their painting, just wait ... you cannot cheat on a sale, let the buyer take their time, as if they are interested they will come to you and if not howver much you try to convince they will close off on your conversation.
Recently a friend who wished to purchase art seeped through many online galleries and selected a piece in his budget, only to find that the painting was too large, they did get a print option. This usually happens when we just look at the images and forget to see the details provided. An informed art buyer today is aware that going through all the details is important before selecting any art. Many online art galleries have done this for you with online selectors that help you to provide details of your requriements, be it budget, size, media and availability of the piece you choose. So that you are not left feeling sorry when you love an art piece and find that the painting is sold, there are also print options if you wish to purchase art within budget as canvas and fine art paper prints come to much lower price ranges and you get to hang this piece in your home. Convenience counts today with fast paced life.
Art buyers today wait and then think and make a sane decision of buying art. As an artist I do love my online art galleries for the sheer reason that I do not have to make rounds of galleries spending money and time, and my gallery helps to promote my art to so many viewers. They are justified to take commission on the sales as they have administrative expenses in maintaining a website and providing web space to artists. Going through a art gallery for buying art would assure I get a genuine piece and with this channel would have some one to fall back on even while selling this art. Yes your online gallery also has a list of genuine art collectors who are on look out for good and appreciating in value art. The art buyer today would be willing to put money on new artists and buy cheaper works that would appreciate in value over time. And if budget permits they also would bet on safe artists,(read  famous) who already have a market value for their art. Art investment is emerging as a safer investment option with share market a risky one and only property investment that is increasing over the time. 
I personally feel buying art may have an emotional aspect but it is a sane decision, we love the piece and would love to share our life with this piece hanging on our walls, and viewing it for many years, enjoying the art and of course who knows after few years it would fetch you a fortune! 
On the personal front paintings again reviewed, only the best will remain  Clearing off the clutter, not clinging to every piece of  paper I have drawn or colored on. Considering repainting a few old canvases along with fresh ones. The journey continues and the Red Pilgrim coming to terms with my healing art, do i present myself as a magician,  or a simple pure soul, does my art represent  the desire of my heart for healing others...signing off , a few cubism artworks now for the time being, bigger paintings,  while I reconsider my reiki and me.
"If you love something the whole universe conspires to get it for you""
All the best, take care and God Bless! Portfolio


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