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28 October 2012

Romancing the Star - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio
Observing the stars , since past few years, the terrace garden, my small piece under the sky, connecting with God, my friend, himself, the guides, the nature spirits, the plants, the flowers, all these emotions, feelings all poured on the canvas, finished an abstract cubism artwork "enchanting garden".
The stars peeping between the clouds, shining bright, playing hide and seek, still and quiet, there is a spiritual belief that you connect with a star. A corresponding star, your friend in the sky, I have instantly connected with the most brightest star, and since the past six years as I get time before sunset and the dawn moments this star shining so bright amongst all the others, even when the sky is dull, cloudy, little foggy this star seems appearing so close to me, inspiration for another artwork..the formations among them, the relationships with one star and the other forming patterns, lines, shapes, triangles, connections...some known some unknown.. always being in mode of thanks giving to the universal life force,  and emotions of universal love in abundance, I thank God for being my friend, the one who always understands me, guides me, gives only the best for me, solitude , my choice.
I knew inspiration would come from the garden plants, nature spirits, but I did not want to make floral art. Avoiding the emotions since the past many years, keeping to my symbols, the new healing from fragrant flowers flowing from my heart, pouring on my canvas, going with the flow.. Portfolio

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