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09 December 2012

Tesco Bank Loans Available for UK Residents Only

Tesco bank personal loans can be easily availed by UK residents and in especial cases you can , same day,  get money at your door step. £ 3,000 to 4,900 Amounts available at 15.9% rate of interest and as  the total personal loan amount increases the rate of interest reduces and falls to larger amounts like £ 15,001 to £ 25,000 with a lowest rate of 7.6 APR.
Tesco bank makes available for the UK residents assured personal loans some times at a nominal charges on the next day also in case of special circumstances and borrowers fulfilling all the eligibility criteria of Tesco Bank.  The rate of interest your personal loan form Tesco bank is always fixed for the full term of repayment of your personal loan. You as borrower staying in UK can also decide upon the day of repayment every month according to your convenience , availability of salary every month.
Tesco Bank UK as approves your personal loan also offer you a short two month break, that is you get to repay only interest amount for tow months after the approval of your personal loan. This opportunity is optional as you as borrower have to repay this amount later on and this will be added to your EMI months for a alter date, that is your personal loan repayment period will be extended for next three months more.
The personal loan from Tesco Bank repayment period varies from any term from 12 months to 120 months. The rules also make it clear for UK residents that there will be an additional fee of fast delivery, next day loan at your door step, as £ 50, so if you need an urgent personal loan you can pay some extra money and get he loan faster. As the availing of personal loan is very quick the Tesco bank also follows rules for recovery of loans and with every delay in repayment or default in repaying your monthly amounts the bank charges a penalty fee of £ 12 . Early closure of your loan will also be charged with tow months interest extra as penalty for closing off of your personal loan sooner than the schedule for repayment.
This personal loan facility from Tesco Bank is only available for UK residents. 


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