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09 December 2013

7 Golden Rules for Investment in Property in UK

smaller homes investment tips in UK
Property investment in UK is moving to another level with rises in rates in property around the globe.
The homes bought today for investments are moving from large houses and properties towards a smaller  versions of flats.
Golden Rules for investment in property in UK
1) Do not invest all your money in one property. Divide into  many properties at different places, countries, locations.
2) Always remember UK currency is in dollars and if you are a person from another country you will always have to convert the currency and calculate costs and purchase amounts accordingly.
3) Infra structure is very important for homes bought for investment.  You need to get renters  you must supply necessities at least.
4) The money amount you will invest in buying a property or flat will   be proportionate to the returns you get.In UK places in different areas cost at different rate per square foot.
5) It is not over with one time payment for investment, you will have regular maintenance and other costs involved at regular basis.
6) And of course consider  the inflation changes in dollar rates. 
7) Purchasing a second property for investment with a home loan will add extra on your personal finances, calculate well in advance  your monthly expenses and  savings before committing  with your family. 
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19 November 2013

NRI Investing in Property Helpful Simple Tips Property Price Factors an NRI would consider before investing

Availability of Budget Homes
 NRI Investing in Property here in India , this is the best time with so many affordable and reputed constructions going in full swing. Helpful Simple Tips for the NRIs before you invest in Property
1)Location, address. The price of the property will totally depend upon the are you choose. A place in the mid city with good infrastructure will be more than the place on the outskirts of the city or suburbs.  Every area has its own rate per square feet, and this will depend upon your budget for investment. In case you or your family wish to stay here for vacations trips it is better to opt for places near the airport or in vicinity of good transport. 
2)  Price Factors an NRI would consider before investing is just that even though you may have a budget fixed approximately for purchasing property for investment  it would be better if you finalize the use of this property while selecting to buy. Is is going to be kept locked, are you going to offer it on rental basis, are you planning to keep this as a second home for  trips back home , many such factors will influence your choice of property. There are many budget homes available that have low maintenance and can be kept closed for your  personal needs.
Address of the Property You wish to buy
 3) Most of the prices of houses may also be according to the amenities provided by the builders. You as an NRI need not jump to these offers if you do not wish to stay in the place. For investment purposes a flat with one or two bedrooms is sufficient. While you can do away with the swimming pools and landscaped gardens, the money saved here can be invested in another property somewhere else.
4) By the country rules you may need to pay extra taxes, it is advisable to consult a good finance consultant before buying property or investing in houses.
5) In case you are willing to buy property by taking a home loan again you will need a bank account with a bank that has their branch in the foreign country you stay and work in. Many reputed Indian banks have branches in the UK and many other countries and they provide full support and guidance for any loan issues for NRIs.
Fully Furnished Flats available for NRI

Constructions in Full Swing
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04 October 2013

How to Use Online property websites in UK for maximum benefit simple tips Advantages for surfing internet from property sites in UK

Search Effectively e property Web Portals in UK

How to use online property websites in UK , how to maximize benefit from online  property  websites when you are flooded with so many offers and sites e-portals of estate agents and property dealers become one challenge. Aren’t there some simple steps that you can follow in the UK and spend less time on the net   and find the right place with the best deal. While you begin surfing house hunting online many times it may happen you come back dry even after searching for  hours and days about properties available in the UK , so many portals and property sites.
Why does this happen when there is so much information available online? Because there is a right way and the wrong way while searching the internet for any information about UK Properties.  While Google does keep prompting you to various options you need to be focused while surfing the net for information on home buying and selling. The best way to maximize benefit from eportals and property websites in UK a few  simple tips are as follows-
1) Fix a certain time for surfing the net for information  regarding properties available in UK , if you do not succeed then take advice from others or just you may not be the person who is comfortable with the net so just get up and out ,search physically for the place house hunting, this old rule always works. This also works for some who are better in personal communication rather than the e portals email communications. No point in spending hours and months daily surfing the net searching for  best home deals , getting confused with loads of information. Say you keep one, or three  months maximum for searching finalizing on a home purchase and home loan.
NRI Home Loans UK Websites property  Eportals
2) Use filters on every property websites, this will save a lot of precious time and also help you to be specific in your searches about available property houses in UK country. Surfing the whole site randomly will not help you to finalize any house or property and using these filters with specific simple details like the area  place you want to buy a house,  your budget range, your income level slot, the interest arte available from various home finance companies offering home loans etc also helps a  lot to easily finalize a property or house to buy.
3) Visit the whole website, see all pages with information before putting down an enquiry email or contact us mail query. This will save your time as well as the financial advisor’s  time. Usually a good website has all the information put down in simple language as well as FAQS section, the frequently asked questions page that has most of your queries answered from the financial or home property website associates. NRI and people staying in UK  can avail many specific information on these financial websites easily.
4) Do compare and contrast many sites online and offers from various estate agents property dealers as well as reputed builders and home  finance company offers offering home loans.  First begin search for reputed banks in UK as well as reputed builders who have a history for completing projects on time. As you become comfortable with surfing you can also search for different offers and also best deals available from private, local,  property agents and dealers having online presence.
Global Home Loans UK properties Wesites
5) The best part is here,  while you surf for a place to buy you get lots of information about various properties available  in UK, various budget ranges and new localities as well as property advisors list of property that will definitely bring out good return in future few years or so. Houses bought now in less prices , that will appreciate fast or that ones which will take a few years to appreciate in value, the total percentage rise in appreciation of value of flat over years, also is listed on many  financial advisor websites. You also get information on financial dealings, availability of home loans, repayment tenures methods of home loans,  as  well as total amount you  will end up paying for the purchase of any property flat or house.
An important suggestion, while using online property portals for UK properties and private estate agents sites be sure they are reputed websites and also do not share important financial information like your personal bank account number, your credit card number or your investment (financial as well as ownership property)details.
All the Best from Rizwana!

29 September 2013

NRI Open Account Easily NRI Get upto 85% Loans on your Deposit by ICICI Bank

NRI investment options are vast and as we know the first step for buying any property or investing in a home by home loan , would be to open an account in a reputed bank for any financial dealings it is best that your bank is able to supply all the information and guidance required by NRI here and also in UK.
One of the major criteria for any home loan by an NRI it is of priority hat they have an account in a bank that connects here in India as well as has branched in other foreign countries. ICICI bank a universally accepted reputed finance option for NRIs  has great offers for loan and an NRI when fulfilling certain criteria can avail to these financial loan options easily.
What more can we  ask for the bank allows customers to open accounts in multiple currencies, be it USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD and AUD. So from Great Britain Pound to US Dollars to Australian dollars there are no hassles in currency matters. Another advantage here is that every time the renewal there is automatic renewal system avoiding all the hassles of documentation and time spent by the NRI  client.
With the new e-deposit,  electronic system the deposit amount you immediately get a  confirmation mail. This confirms the financial dealings easily and promptly.
Opening an FCNR account is a very good option to get good financial returns from your foreign currency. NRI opening this fixed deposit account gets lots of benefits from the bank and one of them is loan options that are processed easily when you already have an account with the ICICI bank.
For a home loan NRI can easily buy land or property in India by availing the ICICI home loans at attractive interest rates and offers on fixed or fluctuating rate of interest. In case you wish to close off  the loan early there is also option of part prepayment with zero processing fees.
As for eligibility criteria for NRIs a few points here. For NRI applying for a home loan minimum age limit set by the bank is 21 years and maximum 60 years  for applying for a home loan. Job salaried individuals must have worked , stayed, in US for at least one year  minimum.  As for self employed individuals the NRI must have been abroad , there for a period of at least minimum three years so that you can apply for a loan.
NRI open account easily
For a home loan repayment  tenure for an NRI it can extend for 11 to 15 years  and the approval of Home Loan for any NRI depends  upon the qualification of the borrower and job position, as well as their financial status. Be it Middle East or US any NRI can easily avail this offer by opening an account and depositing in ICICI branches all over the globe.
All the Best from Rizwana!

What are Interest Only Home Loans – Simplified Facts on Interest Only Home Loans

What are interest only home loans.  ‘Interest only home loans’ means that the borrower ends up paying only the interest for some years and then the principle amount is added later for years. 
This has risen as a better option for many who are not in position to pay large amounts as EMI’s in present years. Usually for homes bought in construction phase, you keep paying small amounts of interest.
In this type of offer the lender gives money to the borrower and the purchase deed is completed. The borrower becomes the owner of the house. Every month he has to pay a small amount that is interest to the principle amount (loan amount). During later years, as   the construction progresses and the housing complex is ready  he has to pay the interest along with large sums of the principle amount. This option may be good for individuals who are highly qualified and have a new job and they know that over the years their salary is going to increase with their experience. So they can pay smaller amounts in present years and later on be prepared to pay larger sums to complete the loan repayment. 
What are interest only home loans
Pay Interest Only Home Loans

However , interest only home loans option may  also be very risky as no one can predict about later years. The large amounts of money as loans later on can be very difficult to pay back and one may end up in financial tight spot. Some people also take this type of home loan if they are confident about the price rise of their property. They can pay the interest amount and later as the value of their house increases they can sell this and make profit as well as pay the larger loan amount.
Though a boon to many there are certain risks every individual has to take before going in for an interest only home loan. Their job stability may not be guaranteed over the years and only those individuals who are very confident about their financial growth must go in for such type of loan. Also the property value may drop or remain same so the individual may end up paying more than they actually paid for the purchase of the flat some years back. This may result in financial losses and also it may become difficult to sell the house during payments of large amounts of loan.

House Hunting Home Surfing at your Disposal E-portals Websites

House Hunting Home surfing online E Portals

House hunting home surfing is not like it was a few years back. While people used to spend their Sundays, their only vacation day in the week on finding , searching for flats, homes. Now when anyone wants to buy  a property, flat or  house they just need to sit in the comforts of their home  and search the net.
Home surfing  has become the new search  listing in Google search. Not only do people visit various websites of reputed builders to hunt for home in latest projects but now with many online  property portals one can easily surf, search, locate and buy a new property or house very easily.
With so many websites of individual property builders and housing finance companies home loans have also become easily accessible and one can compare and go for the best deal in home loan. As also we get to compare different properties, their amenities provided as well as any offers concessions on purchase of houses.
House surfing Online Property Financial portals
With the property market still in boom, people are  moving fast to buying small  as well as large flats for personal  use as well as investment purposes. Online e portals of property have many many advantages as you get to see a full list of properties in the area you wish to buy a home(nearest to your work place, shops and groceries stores malls, children’s educational institutions, medical facilities etc) , your budget and also your requirements.
There are also many reputed property sites who list down all available properties online. With this list at hand you can easily pin down on your like and budget home. Data collection services also collect all data about home, property and prices as well as housing finance companies available and offering home loans or personal loans and also at what interest rate, there is also tenure for repayment as well as concessions on booking or availing this facility form their online portal.
Resale home, second owners as well as people who wish to sell properties and present houses to go for a bigger one are also listed on many property dealer websites. Finding out the best property sites, estate agent websites from friends and relatives also helps. Renting apartments homes, buying land, purchasing flats all has become very  convenient and easy with online property portals. You just have to relax and enjoy the whole process before beginning this journey of buying a new home.
All the Best from Rizwana!