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20 February 2013

Clydesdale Bank Loan

Clydesdale Bank assures to give the best deal in loan with competitive interest rates. With over 140 retail branches and many Business and banking Centres Clydesdale Bank is one of Scotland’s largest banks. Business and private banking service providers the Clydesdale bank is among one of the largest banks in Scotland.
While borrows today have a lot of options for getting loans each loan lending bank has its own eligibility criteria for approval of home loans. Clydesdale Bank offers loans at competitive rates and their online calculator allows you to compare rates offered by other Banks and choose the best deals available for the borrowers.
The amount available as loan varies from $1000 to $25,000 depending upon your circumstances and each individual repayment capacity. Loan Eligibility criteria involve the age of the borrower ranging from 23 to 74 years and have an annual income of minimum € 15,000 or be an existing bank account holder of the Clydesdale bank.  You will definately have to have an UK bank account, Yorkshire account, and UK permanent address and income proof. With a good credit card history and credit and debit card statements you can apply for a loan from the Clydesdales Bank easily through their online loan calculator.
American Express or Diners Club cards are not used as proof and eligibility criteria for application of home loan. You must also have UK past five years resident details for applying for an loan online from Clydesdale bank. As of every bank offering loans even this bank assures you to secrecy of your financial details and credit history.
For applying online at the Clydesdale bank you can easily fill up the online calculator form within minutes and get a quote for any amount you need as loan or according to your monthly repayment capacity that you can afford every month.

Black Horse Loans UK

Black horse loans are available for UK residents who are above the age f 18 years and fulfill the eligibility criteria of the bank. Black Horse Ltd a member of the Lloyds Banking Group offer many flexible loan options and easy availability of loan for any reason.
The eligibility criteria is of course most oft eh factors remaining same for any UK bank, loan borrower must be a resident of UK, above 18 years, have financial repayment capacity and have a source of regular income with proof.
Unsecured loans from $1000 to $15,000 with security of fixed rates can be available easily from Black Horse Loans. Credit card statements and their requirement criteria of the Black Horse loans are mentioned on their website and as the disclaimer suggests that the rules of lending are subject to change in APR or other financial changes.
It is very important to review your home loan and studies show that many home loan borrowers staying in UK have not checked latest offers available with the existing Loan lending finance company and assess the benefits, as it has been made very easy to transfer your home loan to get a better deal.
As with the Black Horse loans you can get a breather from loan repayment for the beginning first three months, approximately 90 days, the interest charged is continued even on deferred start or payment delays or breaks of payments.

JP Morgan Chase India History of Morgan Chase India

Financial advisors claim outside the Unites States India is one of the countries where financial investment available by this reputed US bank. With the Morgan Chase bank claiming to be more than 200 years old the JP Morgan Chase. !977 the Bank has grown into a global financial giant.
At JP Morgan chase finding a right refinancing option and also pay back loans, yes being a Chase customer you get money back on your mortgage. For new residential first mortgage or refinancing of previous loan customer get this benefit of 1% cash back programme and is only eligible for them.
In India JP Morgan chase has a very large network and is expanding in size as of globally also. Morgan chase has its root back from 1922 in India. This began when JP Morgan Company in New York and Morgan Grenfell affiliated partnership in London, showed partnership interest in Calcutta Merchant banking Firm of Andrew Yule and Company Ltd. ICICI was founded in  1955 with JP Morgan Chase as one of the founding share holders. Chase national bank opened its  first representative branch in 1945 in Mumbai. Its first branch opened At the Taj Mahal Hotel premises and later shifted to New India Assurance Building.
In 1969 J.R.D Tata chairman of Tata Sons Ltd was invited to join Chase Manhattan Banks International Advisory Committee which advised and gave suggestions to the Bank on international activities. In 1980 as the JP Morgan Chase bank improved their presence in India as global investment company, and financial advisory company and increased cross border financial services. In 1993 JP Morgan Chase entered into a joint financial agreement with ICICI becoming one of the leading investment banks in India.
With the aim to be one of the most trusted and respected  financial service providers the JP Morgan Chase bank has become of the largest banks offering financial solutions and covering more  than 100 countries, helping clients all over the world to manage finances from more than 200 years, the JP Morgan Chase  sure boasts of a rich history! and quite going strong.

06 February 2013

How to Handle Education Loan Along with Home Loan in UK

Education loans are given to students for studies in academic field or for further higher studies. As education has become very expensive in UK costing in $ many homes need to avail the education loan along with their other loans.
Home loans are repayed over  a span of twenty or thirty years depending on the age of the borrower residing in UK. In the beginning years when the family is small and children are of young age schooling costs can be adjusted but as children grow adolescent age and their educational needs increase from higher education like medical, engineering  or even further a post graduate degree or Management degree their financial needs increase many fold. We all know how even the most good financial background families agree that higher education does leave a hole in their monthly finances as cost of living is high in UK.
Here education loans are a boon for many families who allow the student to avail a education loan and carry further studies with repayment of loan as any other loan. While parents it may be easy to mortgage any property or their financial assets to avail a loan for students from low income group families staying in UK it become difficult as they will only begin earning after the completion of their studies. Many students are on their own and have to live on income earned by doing odd and even jobs to support themselves. Now there are many financial loan lending institutions that lend money on reasonable rate of interest for all categories. For financial resources faced by such students it has been noted by financial experts that there has been an tremendous rise in defaulters in education loans, for the only fact that inflation and rising costs of life. Students staying and studying in UK also may not be much responsible and with priorities in spending the educational loan repayments may suffer.
How to adjust an educational loan and also repay your home loan- planning, planning when young is the only way that will let you breathe financially easy when your children grow up. Think ahead after years when you income may increase, so also may your assets and financial investments increase, thus as you plan any other financial expenses for a house or a car think ahead for many year for the education of your children also. Along with education, there will be hostel charges, equipment and stationary charges and also travelling and food etc charges that will increase.
All this while you are repaying your home loan may add the burden if you have not planned your finances well ahead.
There are many financial investment schemes for education along with educational loans for further education. Learn to keep aside some amount every month from the beginning to plan for your child educational needs. Investment in such schemes allows you to add monthly savings in name of your child which they will get after the desired completion of term. This amount can be adjusted like the home loan EMI to an affordable amount so that you do not have to sacrifice a lot from the beginning. little amount saved becomes a good amount and thus you will have a substantial amount saved till your child has reached the age for further education. here with this large savings amount you can pay the admission charges, stationary as well as leave some extra amount for fun and frolic for your child to enjoy his teens.
Some financial loan lending institutions also lend money by mortgaging your house that is continuing on a home loan of, the majority of the loan amount has been repayed and your history of past repayment is  strong. 
In case you are in a tight spot in handling home loan EMIs along with educational loan repayments it is also a good option to ask for concessions in educational schemes for students and scholarships from the academic institutions and private educational trusts in UK. You may also ask for offers on educational loans if you are a regular customer with the UK bank and also have an home loan repayment account in a UK bank.