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20 February 2013

Black Horse Loans UK

Black horse loans are available for UK residents who are above the age f 18 years and fulfill the eligibility criteria of the bank. Black Horse Ltd a member of the Lloyds Banking Group offer many flexible loan options and easy availability of loan for any reason.
The eligibility criteria is of course most oft eh factors remaining same for any UK bank, loan borrower must be a resident of UK, above 18 years, have financial repayment capacity and have a source of regular income with proof.
Unsecured loans from $1000 to $15,000 with security of fixed rates can be available easily from Black Horse Loans. Credit card statements and their requirement criteria of the Black Horse loans are mentioned on their website and as the disclaimer suggests that the rules of lending are subject to change in APR or other financial changes.
It is very important to review your home loan and studies show that many home loan borrowers staying in UK have not checked latest offers available with the existing Loan lending finance company and assess the benefits, as it has been made very easy to transfer your home loan to get a better deal.
As with the Black Horse loans you can get a breather from loan repayment for the beginning first three months, approximately 90 days, the interest charged is continued even on deferred start or payment delays or breaks of payments.

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