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20 February 2013

JP Morgan Chase India History of Morgan Chase India

Financial advisors claim outside the Unites States India is one of the countries where financial investment available by this reputed US bank. With the Morgan Chase bank claiming to be more than 200 years old the JP Morgan Chase. !977 the Bank has grown into a global financial giant.
At JP Morgan chase finding a right refinancing option and also pay back loans, yes being a Chase customer you get money back on your mortgage. For new residential first mortgage or refinancing of previous loan customer get this benefit of 1% cash back programme and is only eligible for them.
In India JP Morgan chase has a very large network and is expanding in size as of globally also. Morgan chase has its root back from 1922 in India. This began when JP Morgan Company in New York and Morgan Grenfell affiliated partnership in London, showed partnership interest in Calcutta Merchant banking Firm of Andrew Yule and Company Ltd. ICICI was founded in  1955 with JP Morgan Chase as one of the founding share holders. Chase national bank opened its  first representative branch in 1945 in Mumbai. Its first branch opened At the Taj Mahal Hotel premises and later shifted to New India Assurance Building.
In 1969 J.R.D Tata chairman of Tata Sons Ltd was invited to join Chase Manhattan Banks International Advisory Committee which advised and gave suggestions to the Bank on international activities. In 1980 as the JP Morgan Chase bank improved their presence in India as global investment company, and financial advisory company and increased cross border financial services. In 1993 JP Morgan Chase entered into a joint financial agreement with ICICI becoming one of the leading investment banks in India.
With the aim to be one of the most trusted and respected  financial service providers the JP Morgan Chase bank has become of the largest banks offering financial solutions and covering more  than 100 countries, helping clients all over the world to manage finances from more than 200 years, the JP Morgan Chase  sure boasts of a rich history! and quite going strong.

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