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25 April 2013

Image Water Marks How to Secure Your Paintings Images - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

Images on the internet, we all have to upload our painting images, that too in high resolution for the onlien art galleries to sell prints. Whenever we love any picture many of us just down load it and use  it. Doesn't it happen with colorful flowers, beautiful landscapes sceneries, worlds best places, so maybe the same can happen with our paintings.

It would be good if we  could secure our original painting images and have the copyright, am not aware of the legal possibilities, but I guess it is almost impossible to sue anyone after we have uploaded anything, it is free  for everyone , unless we upload the art will lie stagnating in our studio, tricky.

Some art galleries do have legal copyrights for  the works dispalyed on their websites by artists. A watermark on the image so that it cannot be copied and saved by anyone. One of my friends also suggested to save in the lowest resolution so that when the viewer tries to view the image it will not show and enlarged image.

It is good people learn to follow you, your artist statement becomes their life statement and your passion transfers to them, this is the power  of internet! 

Anyway we do have to keep making art and displaying that, as for the copy cats they wont go far in life, be original, originality is never out of fashion!   

I am enjoying the collages, collage making is a great art,    made from small works of  early years,  love the sacred geometry, the fine details in those works done seven eight years back, as of now it is just not possible to paint with a very small brush !

While on this spiritual journey as I continue to make healing art...

I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals! Portfolio

22 April 2013

7 Points to Consider Before Buying NA Plots for Sale

7 Points to consider before buying NA plots for sale. Non agricultural plots for sale, these are in hot news,   on the outskirts of major cities, there are plots for sale at very cheap rates. Many of us  have a dream of owning a   row house, duplex, triplex or  multiplex! Purchasing NA plot in cheap rates is a very practical solution. With buying homes becoming out of reach for many and home loan rates shooting the sky there is another feasible solution coming up. Buying of land. Land purchase is another option where people are opting to purchase land on the outskirts or in their native place and as their budget permits they build their own bungalow, ground plus one floor, duplex or even some get the approval and build tall multiplex buildings on this land.
There are few very important points to consider when you go in for purchasing plots for sale. 7 Important points to consider before buying NA plots for sale
1)First see the documents whether the land has clear title. The owner has to have clear title of the land they are selling. The land must be on name of the owner, or seller, and if there are a group of owners they must all be mentioned in the deeds and approval for selling by all of them.
2) The land must be NA plot,  non-agricultural. The land must have the permission from the Government to build houses and must be clear of the title of agricultural land. All land is agricultural on the outskirts and approval is required to allow construction to come up. If not you will have to get the approval by submitting all the documents and get the approval before you can begin construction on such agricultural land.
3) Selecting a plot consider the environment, surroundings and facilities provided by the seller. The local village is near or far off. All daily necessities can be taken care of like electricity, water and in fact there have been cases where many plots are sold when there is no road or access to the plot!
4) Loan facility for purchasing NA plots is also available with many housing agencies. .   If you are considering a land in UK, Canada or any foreign country do find out about the loan facilities there.  Many sellers have tie up with housing finance companies and you get loan to purchase land or plot. If you wish to give the total payment do ask for a reduction in the cost of plot, you can avail great offers and concessions when you are willing to make total payment at one time for purchasing a plot. There are many finace options for purchasing land abroad and many Indian banks and finance companies here having branches in UK and other foreign countries are willing to offer loans on purchase of NA plots.
5) Get receipts of payment after your deal. You have to be careful if the plot has not get the approval of NA from Government and whether this is in progress you get a memorandum of understanding by the seller which states that the land has been transferred into your name, the buyer of the land.
6) Finally when you get the hand over try to choose sooner and be prompt ins electing the plot  as otherwise you may get the remaining plots which often fall at the interiors section of the total NA plot  for sale. If there is any demarcation and numbering very well and good but usually such plots are sold in total area and then while handing over the numbering is done, so you might get lucky if you get to choose, or else will have to take what remains.
7)  Also check on the electricity, water connection and road access to your location. People have got their plots and constructed beautiful bungalows, and have no way, road access, to   lead to their dream duplex row house.  Usually many sellers sell plots as total area and do not leave space between two plots for roads, and no one thinks about this until you all build your bungalows row houses touching each other ,  no space out for road, your main door attached to the wall of your neighbour!
So ask for the spacing of roads and paths , divider between two plots. Where will the roads come up, narrow lanes, common road, connecting road to the main road, ask questions. A good reputed seller will have this spacing between two plots, a demarcation area for roads, service roads leading to main roads.
Last but  not the least, do not forget to bargain, the buyer has the power to negotiate and make an offer, the seller would often oblige. Purchase NA plots land, according to  your budget, on outskirts of famous cities or villages in India and abroad,  and make your dream of owning a duplex flat bungalow a reality.
All the Best from Rizwana!