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25 April 2013

Image Water Marks How to Secure Your Paintings Images - by Rizwana A Mundewadi Portfolio

Images on the internet, we all have to upload our painting images, that too in high resolution for the onlien art galleries to sell prints. Whenever we love any picture many of us just down load it and use  it. Doesn't it happen with colorful flowers, beautiful landscapes sceneries, worlds best places, so maybe the same can happen with our paintings.

It would be good if we  could secure our original painting images and have the copyright, am not aware of the legal possibilities, but I guess it is almost impossible to sue anyone after we have uploaded anything, it is free  for everyone , unless we upload the art will lie stagnating in our studio, tricky.

Some art galleries do have legal copyrights for  the works dispalyed on their websites by artists. A watermark on the image so that it cannot be copied and saved by anyone. One of my friends also suggested to save in the lowest resolution so that when the viewer tries to view the image it will not show and enlarged image.

It is good people learn to follow you, your artist statement becomes their life statement and your passion transfers to them, this is the power  of internet! 

Anyway we do have to keep making art and displaying that, as for the copy cats they wont go far in life, be original, originality is never out of fashion!   

I am enjoying the collages, collage making is a great art,    made from small works of  early years,  love the sacred geometry, the fine details in those works done seven eight years back, as of now it is just not possible to paint with a very small brush !

While on this spiritual journey as I continue to make healing art...

I wish to make simple colorful understandable art, art that heals! Portfolio

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