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29 September 2013

NRI Open Account Easily NRI Get upto 85% Loans on your Deposit by ICICI Bank

NRI investment options are vast and as we know the first step for buying any property or investing in a home by home loan , would be to open an account in a reputed bank for any financial dealings it is best that your bank is able to supply all the information and guidance required by NRI here and also in UK.
One of the major criteria for any home loan by an NRI it is of priority hat they have an account in a bank that connects here in India as well as has branched in other foreign countries. ICICI bank a universally accepted reputed finance option for NRIs  has great offers for loan and an NRI when fulfilling certain criteria can avail to these financial loan options easily.
What more can we  ask for the bank allows customers to open accounts in multiple currencies, be it USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD and AUD. So from Great Britain Pound to US Dollars to Australian dollars there are no hassles in currency matters. Another advantage here is that every time the renewal there is automatic renewal system avoiding all the hassles of documentation and time spent by the NRI  client.
With the new e-deposit,  electronic system the deposit amount you immediately get a  confirmation mail. This confirms the financial dealings easily and promptly.
Opening an FCNR account is a very good option to get good financial returns from your foreign currency. NRI opening this fixed deposit account gets lots of benefits from the bank and one of them is loan options that are processed easily when you already have an account with the ICICI bank.
For a home loan NRI can easily buy land or property in India by availing the ICICI home loans at attractive interest rates and offers on fixed or fluctuating rate of interest. In case you wish to close off  the loan early there is also option of part prepayment with zero processing fees.
As for eligibility criteria for NRIs a few points here. For NRI applying for a home loan minimum age limit set by the bank is 21 years and maximum 60 years  for applying for a home loan. Job salaried individuals must have worked , stayed, in US for at least one year  minimum.  As for self employed individuals the NRI must have been abroad , there for a period of at least minimum three years so that you can apply for a loan.
NRI open account easily
For a home loan repayment  tenure for an NRI it can extend for 11 to 15 years  and the approval of Home Loan for any NRI depends  upon the qualification of the borrower and job position, as well as their financial status. Be it Middle East or US any NRI can easily avail this offer by opening an account and depositing in ICICI branches all over the globe.
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