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09 December 2013

7 Golden Rules for Investment in Property in UK

smaller homes investment tips in UK
Property investment in UK is moving to another level with rises in rates in property around the globe.
The homes bought today for investments are moving from large houses and properties towards a smaller  versions of flats.
Golden Rules for investment in property in UK
1) Do not invest all your money in one property. Divide into  many properties at different places, countries, locations.
2) Always remember UK currency is in dollars and if you are a person from another country you will always have to convert the currency and calculate costs and purchase amounts accordingly.
3) Infra structure is very important for homes bought for investment.  You need to get renters  you must supply necessities at least.
4) The money amount you will invest in buying a property or flat will   be proportionate to the returns you get.In UK places in different areas cost at different rate per square foot.
5) It is not over with one time payment for investment, you will have regular maintenance and other costs involved at regular basis.
6) And of course consider  the inflation changes in dollar rates. 
7) Purchasing a second property for investment with a home loan will add extra on your personal finances, calculate well in advance  your monthly expenses and  savings before committing  with your family. 
As this year 2013 is coming to an end I take this opportunity  to thank all.  
Home Loans Simplified Facts thanks all its readers and the many finance professional people who have been a part of this spiritual journey along.
Thank You Thank You Thank You
Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and  a  Very Very Happy Year ahead.
hope you get to see many dreams fulfilled.
All the Best!

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