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01 December 2014

Are you thinking of buying a NA Plot? 8 Important Tips for buying Non Agricultural Plots for Sale

Are you thinking of buying a NA Plot? Some Important Tips for buying Non Agricultural Plots for Sale
1) Look up the website and also the actual land site first. See the documents whether the land has clear title. The owner has to have clear title of the land they are selling. The land must be on name of the owner, or seller, and if there are a group of owners they must all be mentioned in the deeds and approval for selling by all of them.
2) Some property sellers are also selling agricultural  land at throw away prices. With a promise to get the documents approved in making the Land NA. Buy from trusted reputed builders and property dealers as you have to take a huge risk.
3) The land must be NA plot,  non-agricultural. The land must have the permission from the Government to build houses and must be clear of the title of agricultural land. All land is agricultural on the outskirts and approval is required to allow construction to come up. If it is not done by the seller of land,  you will have to get the approval by submitting all the documents and get the approval before you can begin construction of house, villa or bungalow on such agricultural land.
4) Selecting a plot consider the environment, surroundings and facilities provided by the seller. The local village is near or far off. All daily necessities can be taken care of like electricity, water and in fact there have been cases where many plots are sold when there is no road or access to the plot! Even many famous Bollywood celebrities have been duped with buying of farm houses without proper electricity and water connections.
NA Plot for Sale 
5) Buying NA plots on loan, Loan facility for purchasing NA plots is also available with many housing agencies. Many land property sellers have tie up with housing finance companies and you get loan to purchase land or plot.
6) Take advantage of buying with payment in cash or cheque for full amount. If you wish to give the total payment do ask for a reduction in the cost of plot, you can avail great and heavy discounts and offers , concessions when you are willing to make total payment at one time for purchasing a plot or many plots.

7) Get receipts of payment after your deal. Signed and stamped by the sellers. You have to be careful if the plot has not get the approval of NA from Government and whether this is in progress you get a memorandum of understanding by the seller which states that the land has been transferred into your name, the buyer of the land.
8) Always take advice/ guidance from a lawyer while buying and also on taking possession of your NA plot/ NA plots or those plots that are not approved for construction purposes, as we never know when the sellers of land may back out leaving you and your investments in a mess!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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7 points to consider before buying NA plots for sale
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24 November 2014

Grab the offer and get a spacious home in Gurgaon Large Spacious Elite Homes at Affordable Rates

Grab the offer and get a spacious home in Gurgaon Large Spacious Elite Homes at Affordable Rates. With many realty investors and home construction moving to the focal point , the elite hub, Gurgaon, we are seeing a lot of housing projects with large living spaces. Gurgaon with the increasing population of IT and finance sector professionals and many industries too moving here, home finance and housing construction companies too are catering to the needs and is giving homes to especially this sector.
Amantre Luxury Homes Gurgaon
The Gurgaon and Dwarka areas are changing face and new constructions with larger homes and all latest amenities and that too at affordable rates per square foot. Karla Realtors has become a prominent name here and beautiful complexes and societies with all the latest amenities with large spaces and Amantre, airconditioned living, must say air conditioned living is a must here as the climate soars much much higher than Mumbai.
3 BHK, 4 BHK , and larger homes Villas and other homes there are a lot of options for buyers as well as investors in property here, at Gurgaon. (Check out,  Ansal Amantre offers a new luxury residential project in sector 88A, Dwarka Expressway Gurgaon). 
Always remember booking at the beginning gives you a lot of concessions as well as saves a lot of money, but you have to bear the risk of when the projects will be completed. Always invest or buy from reputed builders and construction companies.
All the Best from Rizwana!

07 October 2014

SuperTech Astralis Noida Delhi Great for Office Space for NRIs and Investment Option

SuperTech Astralis Noida Delhi Great for Office Space for NRIs and Investment Option. Modern structures and falling near the proposed metro station , a great option for commercial space for offices and business.
Keeping in mind the life style and work habits the construction boasts of modern amenities like cafe's, recreation and fitness needs and malls.
Modern Office Spaces in Noida
Offices today need good locations for success and Noida is one of the upcoming happening space!NRIs searching for good options for office spaces and also as investment options for renting office spaces can check out this projects.
Always follow the advice of your personal lawyer in any property dealings, buying or selling of property.
All the Best from Rizwana!

Chintels Acropolis Gurgaon another great option for NRI investment in Property

Chintels Acropolis Gurgaon another great option for investment in Property by Kalra Realtors, beautifully designed landscaped and large homes in this projects. If you are wishing to invest larger sums in modern projects Gurgaon is the place.
Buy a Home in Gurgaon
Check out the link Real Estate Property in Gurgaon.
Large spaces available so it is understood that the investment will be in larger sums. But since gurgaon is the most happening city coming up as great investment option with modernized amenities and constructions it is a good option for investment for NRIs and thought the amount invested will be larger the returns too shall be proportionate since the city is rising in fame and wealth.
Rental homes are also in lime lite in Gurgaon due to rise in IT sector professionals and many IT companies shifting base to Gurgaon.
All the Best from Rizwana!

25 September 2014

Would you an NRI Avail the Festival discount benefits for Home Loan Offers With Navratri and Diwali Home Loan Offers

Would you an NRI Avail the Festival discount benefits for Home Loan Offers? many NRIs when they visit home land during festivals can use this opportunity to check out offers and discounts as many home finance companies and also reputed builders offer great discounts on home loans and home sale.
Festivals are happy times of get to-together and family reunions. NRIs when thinking of investing in property have a predecided budget and many times also predecided destinations for buying property. In such cases it helps to avail these offers and sign on the dotted line and complete the finalizing of buying a home.
Garden attached with homes an added perks for home buyers
Home loan companies and banks also tap this opportunity and start campaigns for offers, sale,and  discounts for home loan borrowers. With the many concessions, perks and discounts though it is a good time to complete the home loan and home buying deals it is also important to assess how much money value you are getting with these discounts.
All the Best
There is also no harm in asking for more or concessions in money form as compared to other discounts as you an NRI will benefit more by value of cash saved rather than facilities and perks provided, unless of course if you are going to stay in this place.
With the Ganeshotsav just passing by and nine day navratri festival beginning from today and the soon approaching Diwali festival, offers and discounts are in full swing!
All the Best from Rizwana! 

22 September 2014

Why an NRI sometimes needs a non certified loan lender ?

brings out the little girl in you even when your are grown and ready to drive!
NRI’s Why borrow from certified home loan lenders?  Everything is on paper. There is a certain way to apply, avail and get your home loan approved as an NRI. The repayment tenure plan programme is fixed on paper, and there is also a backup plan in case of your failure or delay to repay the EMI on desired time limit. The official call from agents about loans repayments, communication from their sides, status of your home loan and remaining amounts is what makes this a good choice for those who love discipline, have their documents in place, and need hassle free home loans. With a wide range of loans offered by reputed banks and certified finance companies for NRI’s you can get maximum loan amount to purchase home or property. Then there is also good communication from both sides regarding the status of your home loan as most reputed banks and finance companies have their branches around the globe.
Home Loans Simplified Facts

Still at times some NRI’s, need non certified home loan lenders also and the need is increasing , especially for private businesses and professionals who are making it on their own. As no questions are asked, only a brief history and assets are brushed up (your repayment capacity)  and you are offered home loan, without any hassles and that too in less time. The only risk comes when you are unable to repay the EMI or home loan on time then there may be ways these non certified agents recover their loan amount, which may or may not be such a good one. Also you will not have any records about the loan taken and repaid and most work is carried out with trust and reputation of non certified home loan lenders. Advantage here is also that you will get a larger amount, exceeding limits of your present situation, as loans as compared to certified finance companies.
It is understood that when you borrow from a non certified agent you get the home loan on much higher rate of interest. The tenure for repayment usually is also for a limited period of time , so the EMI amounts come to a much larger amount every month or may be in lump sum amounts every few months.
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                                              Home Loans-Simplified Facts

All the Best from Rizwana!
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15 September 2014

Certified and Non Certified Home Loan Lenders

Certified home loan lenders will offer you loan on a certain amount valuing your assets and repayment capacity. Such are approved by the government and have to fulfill certain criteria to get the status of being certified loan lenders. Here it is all on paper and enough scrutiny about your past loan records and credit card payments as well as bank statements. Certified itself, means officially these financial representative officers are hired by finance companies to offer loans. There is a set pattern where you either qualify for a home loan or not, though in special cases banks and financial loan lending companies do go out of the way to help out borrowers , that are having the repayment capacity but not enough paper documents in place. Rules of repayment, tenure, interest rates are pre mentioned before offering you the home loan as everything goes per rules.
Global Loans

With the non certified home loan lenders it is a bit different. Not many questions asked, not much delay and not much hassles. But there may also be consequences in cases of being unable to repay on time or recovering the loan money. Advantages here are you can avail a large amount also without any paper work and with the time limit given you have to repay the loan amount. In some cases where there is repayment capacity but documents not in place they can avail a home loans easily from  private home loan lenders who may or may not be certified home loan lenders.
All the Best from Rizwana!

12 September 2014

As NRI Never Trust the Lawyer of the Home Finance Construction Company!

As NRI Never Trust the Lawyer of the Construction Company! not literally, lawyers are by profession needed in any legal property deals to make authentic documents and paper work but it is better to have your own hired personal lawyer also look up the matter of purchasing property as an NRI as well as with the home loan proceedings.
NRI buying property Home Loans
Legal advice is very essential for any NRI who wishes to purchase property in the home land as well as apply for a home loan.
Home loan approval and application can be done with any reputed finance company and as an NRI you can avail a certain amount as home loan for purchasing houses, property in the home town according to your financial position and investments or assets, that is your repayment capacity.
What any individual NRI would follow is to contact a finance company and take their advice and also their legal adviser opinions while progressing in their home loans and home purchase deals.
One thing to be always considered that a second opinion legally always matters. never trusts only the legal lawyer from the finance loan giving company or the finance arranged by the construction company.
With the added costs many NRI's avoid taking legal opinions and feel that the legal adviser of company would be from your side as well. But the legal adviser from the finance company will, no doubt consider the benefit of the company as they are their clients and may not be in so much favor for the buyers or home loan applicants. This does in no way mean that the finance home loan company lawyers they will make  your losses but it is just that they may not guide you for the fine print that matters to you or could get you more concessions and negotiations in the final rates of property purchases.
NRI home loan legal advice
It is always better to get an legal opinion from your side by another lawyer that will be working from your side and read the fine print as well as guide you , NRI in purchasing and dealing with finance issues of home/ land purchase and home loan proceedings. More on NRI Home Loans , NRI open account easily, NRI affordable renting homes in US, NRI eligibility criteria for home loans
All the Best from Rizwana!

Why Your home prices are affected drastically!

Unexpected developments and constructions coming up affect home prices
 Why Your home prices are affected drastically!
Home prices are suddenly taking a turn either rising  or falling and all this because of unexpected new developments and construction that are coming up.
 In many localities and outskirts the government rules and regulations are taking a break and lots of new constructions are coming up. Without following the construction norms these new constructions springing up in large numbers may not be of reputed builders but are making their presence felt in the home market and are also having an effect on the area rates and home prices drastically.
With the supply increasing builders are willing to negotiate in order to sell as well as offering perks and added discounts for making more sales in the home market.
The effects seen in the home market due to this trend is lower rates and dropping home prices or sudden rise in prices of homes.
More homes than demand will affect as in dropping home rates in certain areas. There can also be an opposite reaction in some areas as for rising in rates as many people flood in these areas due to modern structures and well furnished homes available.
Good for investment purposes the outskirts with more modern developments can be tapped as homes still cost lower than in the cities and developments are going on with such fast rate that once an empty land is now a modern city with latest amenities and structures, and at one time when the rates of homes at outskirts of cities were minimal for large homes have now shooted up to almost rates like homes in hub cities!
Home Loans-Simplified Facts

All the Best from Rizwana!

I am not attached with any financial institution and am not responsible for any financial links posted as comments or financial loan lending advertisements here. Take care and surf information before committing!

26 June 2014

How your Home Loan can Save you an NRI From Financial Losses with property investments

How your Home Loan can Save you an NRI  From Financial Losses with property investments, yes taking a home loan might just be the one simple step that helps to save you, an NRI from huge financial losses.
Today investments are going towards only one direction, property. With so much fluctuations in market and shares and unpredictable situations it is the best form of investment for NRIs to invets in land and property in India.
One thing that usually happens is NRis visit India on a short trip look at some few places and invest in the property. Things sometimes can go totally wrong with so many unknown factors in buying  homes and land.
How can a home loan save you as an NRI while you invest in property here back home, is that the first and foremost approval of home loan requires that the house or land be approved of legal status. This is of utmost importance to have a clear title land or property.  

Home Loans Simplified Facts
Later on issues come up which will not only end you up in legal mess but also chances of you totally losing the property to another claimant. Land also may not have clear title of non agricultural land NA status which again needs that you go to legal procedures to transfer the land as non agricultural , only then can you build a villa or bungalow here.
You may also skip on the facts that electricity and water supply may just not be available on the property sold to you which yet is another issue that the home loans company takes into notice while approving your home loan.
Then comes accessibility, like roads, which you see on paper but in practical the space may be surrounded by forests or water features. This all may not be prominent while you purchase the proeprty as drawings, master plans,  on paper are always made beautiful and the artist may skip off totally some important features of the land. One example is that the land sold off to a NRI buyer was agricultural leaving them in a mess and after years they had still to solve the legal procedures, more over the land is so rocky, there are hardly any chances of building a home there. without spending large sums in leveling , filling up,  the land!
There may also be houses purchased during construction where projects have stopped work or delayed for years and years without any changes due to these unknown legal issues where your money gets stuck up with only financial losses every month over the years, leave aside the mental stress involved. Here your home loan company does all the research background work for you and only then do they approve your home loan as home loans are only offered to legal properties with clear title and that constructions which fulfill all the criteria.  
Many such issues are taken care off by your finance company that offers you home loans, and that you, as an NRI have the assurance of guarantee that the land and property is legal and clear title.
All the Best from Rizwana!

23 June 2014

Take a Home and a Loan Now with All White Amount why this is the right time to buy a home and apply for a home loan

Take a Home Loan Now why this is the right time to buy a home and apply for a home loan as as first time home buyer, the property prices are never going to fall any more.
With corrected home prices and home loan rates, property exhibitions and property fairs are coming up every few months to attract new buyers to purchase home.
The good sign is that reputed home construction builders are working with trust,  are offering payments for home purchase, all the white amount is all on paper. This is  such a relief for buyers that they get to see all the EMI amounts  on paper, and payments can be made easily with cheques.

 Construction going on in full swing the houses built are soon filling and just within few years we will be surrounded by the towers of concrete.Reputed constructions are offering beautiful landscaped gardens, swimming pools, jogging tracks, club houses,  and latest amenities and many also are offering one year or more of free from maintenance charges. While some offer parking free, there are others who cut out on administrative charges.
It is a fact that people are moving towards buying new homes and more and more working people are going in for home loans. From among the many benefits of qualified working people getting an home loan approved is one of the best as they can get a home loan very easily with all documents in place.
Even when we visit new projects people are willing to invest as space is one factor which is limited and as the time passes the rates go on increasing .
The latest happenings in home sale are reputed home builder and finance companies are calling  their own terms and are willing to wait, they are not willing to even negotiate and are stuck on their rate and the haggling and bargaining part has been done with for the rate per square foot, they are also willing to  go in for all white amount, that is a good sign for buyers as they can avail home loan on amount that is on paper.
Home Loans Simplified Facts

Buy Your Home Now
Earlier the black amount was the sore throat point for buyers as a  large sum had to be arranged that was never shown on paper.Now the only one is that buyers have to arrange for administrative fees down payment, and the rest , most of this can be availed as loan.
At one time it may be impossible to buy a new home in city limits and only the option of outskirts may remain or you will have to opt for second sale and go in for a resale flat.
  All the Best!

05 June 2014

How first time home buyers are making moves to purchase property and NRIs increasing in buying Property for Investment in India

Property for investment, NRIs are boosting sales with correction in property prices and land is coming as a gold mine for investors from abroad. Not only do they feel the prices low as compared to Dollars but also they get a space in the home land which also has sentimental value for them. On one side where there is lots of activity going on from the NRI sector there are comparatively fewer sales for first time buyers. Still as they start making moves in buying property, the first time buyers, the couples who are both working are happy to move ahead and invest in their own homes.
Home rates and home loans amounting of large sums to be repaid every month as EMIs is taking its toll on the psyche and pocket of new married and planning to settle individuals. When smaller sized homes are also going beyond budget there is little hope for any prices to fall any lower.
It really becomes impossible for individuals to pay out lakhs of rupees as every month repayment amounts. Where people love to have bigger homes the actual area they are receiving is getting smaller and smaller as compared to the picture photograph plan they are shown at time of purchase. 
Home Loans Simplified Facts
Also the first time buyers with the inflation and increasing costs and insecurities of job and work are hesitant to make the move as this is a long term planning and needs patience and well financial planning. Most of the couples opting for buying home today and applying for home loans are the ones that are both working. Here it becomes simpler as one of the salary is kept aside to repay the home loan and the other used up as family expenses. Construction everywhere is going in full swing and towers are getting full sooner and sooner.
There is a positive trend seen in purchase of home and as many financial companies are continuing to lure the borrowers with perks and offers people who are ready to shell out every month are the ones making the moves and going ahead in purchasing first time homes.

Home Loans Simplified Facts

For the NRI investors the rates are just a matter of time and as they already have the money to be invested , they just need the right place. India is coming up a as favorite among foreign investors because of its land rates and available of large expanses of open land property. Also once their financial  consultants find the right papers and clear off the documents there is no looking back and heavy investments continue pouring from NRI sector in form of property investments.

15 May 2014

Super Eco Village Noida great Payment Plan your Finances well in advance before booking a Home in Supertech Eco Village

Super Eco Village Noida great Payment Plan your Finances well in advance before booking a Home in Supertech Eco Village as they have a clear cut plan of down payments and amounts of payments after each slab.
You as a buyer can plan well in advance how to repay the amount and when. Planning before hand will help you to buy a  great home in Noida, Eco Village as the developers boast of another one coming up.
Eco Friendly Homes
With landscape gardens and latest amenities in Noida  is a great place to settle and also for investments by NRIs who wish to own a home in the Central Hub of the country. If you are an NRI wishing to own a home in the country the latest ones coming up in Noida are great. Some peace and serenity with your homes and greenery is always welcome from this concrete jungle and eco homes are making a special place among buyers of new homes.
All the repayment plans and structure of along with mode of repayment is jotted down and one can plan well in advance their finances and repayment amounts along with procedures of applying for a home loan.
But do take into consideration as with the selection of any eco friendly environment homes any where and with any housing developers  you also will have to pay extra amounts as maintenance and also every month after purchase of the eco friendly environments and latest amenities, all comes with a price!.

Your finance company can give total financial solutions along with home loans Best Home Loan Financers

Your finance company can give total financial solutions along with home loans as most finance companies today are going in for the total.holistic approach. A wider approach is helping the finance  companies with getting great clientele and so also the borrowers who are assured they get the right package with their loans.
Home loans simplified facts

Total financial solutions for better  Homes
A finance company with total financial solutions is better to apply with a home loan as they will get the correct picture of your finances, guide you for better investments and thus help you to get the best deals for homes and home loans. Along with property investments and financial investments the finance companies are going in for a more personalized approach considering natural and family crises and unexpected calamities and thus ready to adjust  and mould with their repayments and Emis. This is a great help to borrowers as they need not now go pillar to post to get their home loans rectified or corrected in cases of emergency or crises.
Sharing also helps the company to find the best and right financial solutions for you and your money. People often do not have much knowledge about financial investments and long term benefits and a finance company offering total financial solutions along with home loans is best ,especially when newly married or moving into your first home!

08 May 2014

Gurgaon Delhi Home Projects Is this a Great Choice for Investment or Settling Down

Gurgaon Delhi Home Projects Is this a Great Choice for Investment or Settling Down , with so many great projects in home industry we see a lot of new luxury flats, villas and duplexes coming up in Gurgaon. The one first thing is the place is quite for the elite , and those who can afford a lifestyle. But you can travel to Delhi and get good deals on food, clothes and all accessories.
The place rocks with malls and great places for entertainment and food.If you have the money and the position Gurgaon is the place for you to settle down. It is at a distance from the capital Delhi and sure become the latest Hub for many top companies and off sourcing web projects. The climate is sure one factor that is very important to think while you buy a home in Gurgaon, Haryana. With extremes, (EXTREMES) in hot and colds the people are always in the controlled environments and some how the body learns to adapt to the climate.
Investing in homes or settling down in Gurgaon you will have to consider the availability of transport and accessibility to main city. Many out projects are available with latest amenities but are quite far off from the main market area or the city Delhi. Always the air travel is from the nearest air port that is Delhi.
Home Loans Simplified Facts
The place is shooting up in prices and value very fast and Gurgaon is emerging as a great place even for investing in homes. As many large companies and financial institutions are shifting their base around Gurgaon many newly appointed management consultants and highly  qualified personnel  are always on the look out for homes on rent and you also get a very good rent from a space rented out .
Just before packing your bags and selling off your property in Mumbai for settling down do get acclimatized with the climate in Gurgaon , maybe live on rent for a few years till you book a great place in Gurgaon for living. For a life style and good living Gurgaon is the place, but in controlled environment (be prepared for the 24 hours AC/ Heater electricity bills) ! Money can buy you everything!
A great life style and amenities is what Gurgaon holds for you.

Did You Book your new home on Akshaya Tritya Offers on Home Loans on festive seasons loan offers facts

Akshaya Tritaya just passed by and as this is supposed to be a very auspicious occasion in the year for new beginnings lots of people purchase new things and start new ventures falling on this day. Homes and home loans were not left behind and we saw a lot of offers and special discounts on home purchase and home loans publicized on this day.
Facts about these special offers, did you book your new home on this Akshaya Tritaya? if you are about to purchase a new home or apply for a home loan you need to be prepared way lot ahead before this auspicious days.
Home Loans Simplified Facts

A few disappointed couples could not sign the final document, and lost on the offers and happiness on this special occasion as they had not planned the move. While still people feel the home buying and home loan process is very simple as it is showcased it really isn't so simple. Neither are the offers really coming down to any large amount of cash savings. 
Home Loans Simplified Facts
You cannot just wait for the day and go ahead and start the whole process as this is time consuming and sometimes/most of the times some what misleading. Offers and discounts are what we look , the words ring a pleasant tone in our ears and we are attracted to such offers. Begin early , way in advance of the auspicious day. Research about home projects falling in your budget. Check, calculate and assess by online calculators how much your monthly EMI falls. Find out/ finalize a few short listed reputed home loan lenders and finance companies that are proved to be helpful all the way to their customers of home loans.
On the final day you must have a strong ground work file that will guide you to go and book your new home on Akshaya Tritaya or any special festive day. So when you are in search for a home and in process of going for a home loan research and finalize well in advance of the  D day and on that day you can have a happy experience of going straight and booking your new flat without any hassles. And also select the best finance company for applying for a home loan, remember they have been in the market for years and you can follow their history of home loans processes and in case of default in repayment recovery systems.
All the Best!

04 March 2014

Why Couples are Opting for Home Loans Even Before Marriage - Marriage and home loans

The new trend noticed is that many couples are opting for home loans even before the marriage. This is a great way as single individuals have less commitments and can also save maximum capacity of their income by cutting down on expenses before marriage.   
Home Loans Simplified Facts

 Marriage is an important decision in ones life. As the couple are on cloud nine and enjoying happy euphoric moments of newly married life many are faced with the decision of buying a dream home. Joint family home may be small or the new couple may be staying in a rented house and this decision of purchasing a home takes priority in the wish list.
Finances may be limited and the best option available to fulfill the dream of  a new home is by taking a home loan. With so many facilities available  today many couples also opt for getting a home loan approval before marriage.
Home loans are very easily available and nowadays the procedure has become quite simple.  Financial position of the couple is the deciding factor before taking this step as this will indicate the repayment capacity of the individual. A good and thorough survey of availability of home loans must be done. Advertisements in news papers , television as well as the internet can give a clear picture about the different companies that offer home loans. Selection criteria is based upon the interest rates applied by each company as well as the down payment required. There is a minimum amount of money required to be given as down payment before getting the loan approved. The total amount of house value only a certain percentage of amounts can be got as loan hence the amount required for booking the flat has to be arranged beforehand.
Having a thorough discussion between all the family members , especially your would be spouse, the newly married couple is very important for the understanding and support required during the repayment tenure of the home loan.  Getting a loan may seem easy for the salaried couple than the one that is self employed. Certain documents are required according to individual loan givers rules and only those who fit into these criteria are given loan. So it is advisable to have a good survey regarding all aspects before going in for a home loan especially for the new couple as they are at the most important stage of life where dining out, movies, new clothes and travel may be the priority and one may have to let go of some of these aspects in order to achieve the most cherished dream…the one of owning a dream home.
One can also save and start with repayments early even before marriage so that the financial repayments amount some what reduces at the time of marriage and you may have already paid some of the EMIs even before tying the knot!