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30 January 2014

Reduced Processing Fees on Home Loans Facts Selection of Home Loan Finance Company

Reduced processing fees on home loans will show you immediate savings in terms of cash while you apply for a home loan. Enough to help you make a finalized decision while selection a finance company for applying for a home loan.
It is better to take a complete look at the whole picture and then finalize your finance company for applying of a home loan. Usually terms and conditions in the fine print are never read before signing on the dotted line. Applying for a home loan first and foremost consider at what rate of interest you are going to get your home loan. Your major chunk of amount goes here rather than looking for simple small savings consider the bigger amounts that will go out every month as EMIs.
Try to reduce this amount whichever option you choose fixed rate of interest or flexible one it is for sure that your finance company will earn profits in some way or other as they are lending you the amount right away to fulfill your wish of purchasing a dream home.
Processing fees or administrative work fees involved comes to a smaller amount and selecting a finance company just for this is not a viable option for any borrower. As it may be they end up paying more money in other places.
Home Loans Simplified Facts
So while finalizing a finance company for your home loan consider all the aspects like the company reputation of long term services, after services, customer care services and also the time taken for approval of your home loan. The most important factor is your bank account in the same bank and convenience in repayment schedules and modes take first place while selecting a finance company for your home loan needs.

19 January 2014

NRI Investing in Property in India How to Get Returns from First Day after investing in property

How to get returns from investing in property from day one, just after the long ordeal of searching for right property to registering the property its time now to enjoy returns. Does this happen with all investments, no. Many investment decisions take off  great but for getting returns,  sometimes years go by without a sight of any profit. How can an NRI start getting good returns from the property bought for investment purposes sooner and also how you can benefit from regular monthly returns , lets discuss a few simple guidelines which when followed from beginning will assure you good returns from day one.
Good returns from Investment
1) Be a Informed buyers. NRIs can first research on the net, contact good financial advisers, property consultants and narrow down searches for property to buy for investment. Choosing the right place depends not upon how much money you invest but on how correct the selected place is. The rate at which the prices of property are going up in one area as compared to other is all that will lead to good returns from property investment. Here there are some properties that move at a snails pace and even after five years the rates don't go up much whereas there are some that have shown drastic rise in the past few years.
Here again one must not go against the mind over matter only. There are also some places that "have the potential for growth" here comes the intuition of the buyers and property consultants.
2) If you want returns sooner from property buy those that are completed projects and running successfully over years. Buying ready possession flats that already have existing owners or renters living is much better than buying a new flat, registering and then finding a renter. Advantages are you know the flats are livable, with all facilities working. You also know the society has this flat registered and all dues cleared, and also you get to fit into the shoes of previous owners and continue with the process except that the names of the flat owner changes. Resale flats are a good option which already have renters looking out for.
3) When buying property flats for investment from working projects the flats which are not ready, the fact that you will get the property in comparatively less rate with booking amount , the wait will continue till the project gets completed. But here again the time lapse and the rise in property rates in that area are a major deciding factor and many investors also prefer to invest here without any hassles of going in renting and allow the investment space to mature by itself while work in progress. You can always sell off after even few years with the profit amount without actually getting a flat possession or living or renting it. So this is more of putting in money and then earning profit by
transferring the property to another buyer.
4) The property bought or given as gift can help to save taxes. Saving money from the first day of your deal there are a number of ways your property consultants can guide you to get maximum benefit from investments in property.
Always hire a good financial consultant and get attached to a great finance company bank as they will be able to guide you, an NRI better  according to correct procedures and rules. Property is till date the most sought after and bestest investment, Start earning good returns from your investments.

17 January 2014

How to benefit from property exhibitions while buying a home Have you booked your new home yet?

How to benefit from property exhibitions while buying a home. In the time when you are finalizing for buying a bigger home of thinking of shifting from one locality to another, or taking the big leap from a rented place to a warm place of your own, property expos and exhibitions come as a great help.
Have You Booked Your New Home? Visit Nearest Property Expo for Saving Money and Time. Yes while we have so much of information on different projects run by reputed builders and so many options such exhibitions come as great time and money savers. You get to see many plans and also those projects that are near completion.
Projects by reputed Builders

Property Exhibitions

Have you booked your new home

Property Constructions projects
Going from one place to other, commuting and travelling , visiting places it is better to get first hand knowledge under one roof, you save not only precious time and energy but also lots of money.
First of all you get to see a variety of building construction projects under one roof.
Secondly you also narrow down with sections according to your budget range so that you do not waste time as homes range from a few lakhs to even a  few crores. If you have fixed a budget range the selection become somewhat easy.
Thirdly you   can get some really great offers in exhibitions and many finance companies and housing companies offer instant one time booking discounts.
Fourth, you are not the only one to ask for discounts and you are more open to discussion after looking at other do so. Yes many people alone feel hesitant to ask for discounts and bargain while finalizing a home deal.
Fifth reason, you already know these projects are approved and legal with all cleared paperwork when finance offered as home loans as these finance companies give a thorough legal check before approval of any home loan for a project..
Sixth wonderful reason , you get a beautiful home in less, and the decision is also done finally, where otherwise your family may go on discussing and visiting many sites, it sure looks like a never enedign process as every few days we see new projects.  there are quite a few discounts and even some projects offer cars, or some services free. So many times such exhibitions are a great decider for finalizing on and signing the dotted line.

Whenever booking a home always consider in form of money, cash savings rather than perks and facilities concessions.