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25 September 2014

Would you an NRI Avail the Festival discount benefits for Home Loan Offers With Navratri and Diwali Home Loan Offers

Would you an NRI Avail the Festival discount benefits for Home Loan Offers? many NRIs when they visit home land during festivals can use this opportunity to check out offers and discounts as many home finance companies and also reputed builders offer great discounts on home loans and home sale.
Festivals are happy times of get to-together and family reunions. NRIs when thinking of investing in property have a predecided budget and many times also predecided destinations for buying property. In such cases it helps to avail these offers and sign on the dotted line and complete the finalizing of buying a home.
Garden attached with homes an added perks for home buyers
Home loan companies and banks also tap this opportunity and start campaigns for offers, sale,and  discounts for home loan borrowers. With the many concessions, perks and discounts though it is a good time to complete the home loan and home buying deals it is also important to assess how much money value you are getting with these discounts.
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There is also no harm in asking for more or concessions in money form as compared to other discounts as you an NRI will benefit more by value of cash saved rather than facilities and perks provided, unless of course if you are going to stay in this place.
With the Ganeshotsav just passing by and nine day navratri festival beginning from today and the soon approaching Diwali festival, offers and discounts are in full swing!
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22 September 2014

Why an NRI sometimes needs a non certified loan lender ?

brings out the little girl in you even when your are grown and ready to drive!
NRI’s Why borrow from certified home loan lenders?  Everything is on paper. There is a certain way to apply, avail and get your home loan approved as an NRI. The repayment tenure plan programme is fixed on paper, and there is also a backup plan in case of your failure or delay to repay the EMI on desired time limit. The official call from agents about loans repayments, communication from their sides, status of your home loan and remaining amounts is what makes this a good choice for those who love discipline, have their documents in place, and need hassle free home loans. With a wide range of loans offered by reputed banks and certified finance companies for NRI’s you can get maximum loan amount to purchase home or property. Then there is also good communication from both sides regarding the status of your home loan as most reputed banks and finance companies have their branches around the globe.
Home Loans Simplified Facts

Still at times some NRI’s, need non certified home loan lenders also and the need is increasing , especially for private businesses and professionals who are making it on their own. As no questions are asked, only a brief history and assets are brushed up (your repayment capacity)  and you are offered home loan, without any hassles and that too in less time. The only risk comes when you are unable to repay the EMI or home loan on time then there may be ways these non certified agents recover their loan amount, which may or may not be such a good one. Also you will not have any records about the loan taken and repaid and most work is carried out with trust and reputation of non certified home loan lenders. Advantage here is also that you will get a larger amount, exceeding limits of your present situation, as loans as compared to certified finance companies.
It is understood that when you borrow from a non certified agent you get the home loan on much higher rate of interest. The tenure for repayment usually is also for a limited period of time , so the EMI amounts come to a much larger amount every month or may be in lump sum amounts every few months.
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15 September 2014

Certified and Non Certified Home Loan Lenders

Certified home loan lenders will offer you loan on a certain amount valuing your assets and repayment capacity. Such are approved by the government and have to fulfill certain criteria to get the status of being certified loan lenders. Here it is all on paper and enough scrutiny about your past loan records and credit card payments as well as bank statements. Certified itself, means officially these financial representative officers are hired by finance companies to offer loans. There is a set pattern where you either qualify for a home loan or not, though in special cases banks and financial loan lending companies do go out of the way to help out borrowers , that are having the repayment capacity but not enough paper documents in place. Rules of repayment, tenure, interest rates are pre mentioned before offering you the home loan as everything goes per rules.
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With the non certified home loan lenders it is a bit different. Not many questions asked, not much delay and not much hassles. But there may also be consequences in cases of being unable to repay on time or recovering the loan money. Advantages here are you can avail a large amount also without any paper work and with the time limit given you have to repay the loan amount. In some cases where there is repayment capacity but documents not in place they can avail a home loans easily from  private home loan lenders who may or may not be certified home loan lenders.
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12 September 2014

As NRI Never Trust the Lawyer of the Home Finance Construction Company!

As NRI Never Trust the Lawyer of the Construction Company! not literally, lawyers are by profession needed in any legal property deals to make authentic documents and paper work but it is better to have your own hired personal lawyer also look up the matter of purchasing property as an NRI as well as with the home loan proceedings.
NRI buying property Home Loans
Legal advice is very essential for any NRI who wishes to purchase property in the home land as well as apply for a home loan.
Home loan approval and application can be done with any reputed finance company and as an NRI you can avail a certain amount as home loan for purchasing houses, property in the home town according to your financial position and investments or assets, that is your repayment capacity.
What any individual NRI would follow is to contact a finance company and take their advice and also their legal adviser opinions while progressing in their home loans and home purchase deals.
One thing to be always considered that a second opinion legally always matters. never trusts only the legal lawyer from the finance loan giving company or the finance arranged by the construction company.
With the added costs many NRI's avoid taking legal opinions and feel that the legal adviser of company would be from your side as well. But the legal adviser from the finance company will, no doubt consider the benefit of the company as they are their clients and may not be in so much favor for the buyers or home loan applicants. This does in no way mean that the finance home loan company lawyers they will make  your losses but it is just that they may not guide you for the fine print that matters to you or could get you more concessions and negotiations in the final rates of property purchases.
NRI home loan legal advice
It is always better to get an legal opinion from your side by another lawyer that will be working from your side and read the fine print as well as guide you , NRI in purchasing and dealing with finance issues of home/ land purchase and home loan proceedings. More on NRI Home Loans , NRI open account easily, NRI affordable renting homes in US, NRI eligibility criteria for home loans
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Why Your home prices are affected drastically!

Unexpected developments and constructions coming up affect home prices
 Why Your home prices are affected drastically!
Home prices are suddenly taking a turn either rising  or falling and all this because of unexpected new developments and construction that are coming up.
 In many localities and outskirts the government rules and regulations are taking a break and lots of new constructions are coming up. Without following the construction norms these new constructions springing up in large numbers may not be of reputed builders but are making their presence felt in the home market and are also having an effect on the area rates and home prices drastically.
With the supply increasing builders are willing to negotiate in order to sell as well as offering perks and added discounts for making more sales in the home market.
The effects seen in the home market due to this trend is lower rates and dropping home prices or sudden rise in prices of homes.
More homes than demand will affect as in dropping home rates in certain areas. There can also be an opposite reaction in some areas as for rising in rates as many people flood in these areas due to modern structures and well furnished homes available.
Good for investment purposes the outskirts with more modern developments can be tapped as homes still cost lower than in the cities and developments are going on with such fast rate that once an empty land is now a modern city with latest amenities and structures, and at one time when the rates of homes at outskirts of cities were minimal for large homes have now shooted up to almost rates like homes in hub cities!
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