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15 September 2014

Certified and Non Certified Home Loan Lenders

Certified home loan lenders will offer you loan on a certain amount valuing your assets and repayment capacity. Such are approved by the government and have to fulfill certain criteria to get the status of being certified loan lenders. Here it is all on paper and enough scrutiny about your past loan records and credit card payments as well as bank statements. Certified itself, means officially these financial representative officers are hired by finance companies to offer loans. There is a set pattern where you either qualify for a home loan or not, though in special cases banks and financial loan lending companies do go out of the way to help out borrowers , that are having the repayment capacity but not enough paper documents in place. Rules of repayment, tenure, interest rates are pre mentioned before offering you the home loan as everything goes per rules.
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With the non certified home loan lenders it is a bit different. Not many questions asked, not much delay and not much hassles. But there may also be consequences in cases of being unable to repay on time or recovering the loan money. Advantages here are you can avail a large amount also without any paper work and with the time limit given you have to repay the loan amount. In some cases where there is repayment capacity but documents not in place they can avail a home loans easily from  private home loan lenders who may or may not be certified home loan lenders.
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