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01 December 2014

Are you thinking of buying a NA Plot? 8 Important Tips for buying Non Agricultural Plots for Sale

Are you thinking of buying a NA Plot? Some Important Tips for buying Non Agricultural Plots for Sale
1) Look up the website and also the actual land site first. See the documents whether the land has clear title. The owner has to have clear title of the land they are selling. The land must be on name of the owner, or seller, and if there are a group of owners they must all be mentioned in the deeds and approval for selling by all of them.
2) Some property sellers are also selling agricultural  land at throw away prices. With a promise to get the documents approved in making the Land NA. Buy from trusted reputed builders and property dealers as you have to take a huge risk.
3) The land must be NA plot,  non-agricultural. The land must have the permission from the Government to build houses and must be clear of the title of agricultural land. All land is agricultural on the outskirts and approval is required to allow construction to come up. If it is not done by the seller of land,  you will have to get the approval by submitting all the documents and get the approval before you can begin construction of house, villa or bungalow on such agricultural land.
4) Selecting a plot consider the environment, surroundings and facilities provided by the seller. The local village is near or far off. All daily necessities can be taken care of like electricity, water and in fact there have been cases where many plots are sold when there is no road or access to the plot! Even many famous Bollywood celebrities have been duped with buying of farm houses without proper electricity and water connections.
NA Plot for Sale 
5) Buying NA plots on loan, Loan facility for purchasing NA plots is also available with many housing agencies. Many land property sellers have tie up with housing finance companies and you get loan to purchase land or plot.
6) Take advantage of buying with payment in cash or cheque for full amount. If you wish to give the total payment do ask for a reduction in the cost of plot, you can avail great and heavy discounts and offers , concessions when you are willing to make total payment at one time for purchasing a plot or many plots.

7) Get receipts of payment after your deal. Signed and stamped by the sellers. You have to be careful if the plot has not get the approval of NA from Government and whether this is in progress you get a memorandum of understanding by the seller which states that the land has been transferred into your name, the buyer of the land.
8) Always take advice/ guidance from a lawyer while buying and also on taking possession of your NA plot/ NA plots or those plots that are not approved for construction purposes, as we never know when the sellers of land may back out leaving you and your investments in a mess!
All the Best from Rizwana!
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