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22 December 2015

Piramal Vaikunth Residencies Among the Lap of Nature Thane Balkum Buying and selling homes just got creative!

 Adopting the Concept of harmonious living with Earth, the five  Elements, Biophilia, the Piramal Group has Brought an Awesum Flower Show at their Balkum Vaikunth Construction site. Based on the famous Chelsea Flower Show, the show is breathtakingly beautiful  and will take you to another world for the time you are in!Buying and selling homes just got creative!
Piramal Vaikunth Flower Show Thane Balkum

Collection Display  of Exotic Flowers
 Homes among the lap of nature, a great concept and while you get to visit the flower show ,, you can check out on the residencies available, Loved the specifically made for artists residencies with installations and sculptures, great ambiance for creativity unlimited!
Orchid Gardens

Music Entertainment and  Light show!

House Model and Plans

Moghul Theme Gardens
The Flower show and the Train rides,, the fantasy garden display and the themed  gardens and the world of exotic orchids, the Piramal Group has sure made a stamp in real estate with crowds thronging to see the flowers and of course the house plans!
The residence project at Thane is in the interiors , and the old structures of houses just outside the complexes. The entry way is narrow, but as you enter there are vast expanses  of land. The concept no doubt will connect with people who are trying to reduce the day by day growing impact of the internet   on our health and our families.
All in All a great experience and must visit for everyone! The Vaikunth Flower show at Piramal residencies Thane is on from 20th December 2015 till January 3rd 2016
All the Best from Rizwana!
Themed Gardens and Residencies at Piramal Vaikunth
Thank you very much each one of you for coming by Home Loans-Simplified Facts! Liking, commenting, following and sharing my Blog. Wish You a Merry Christmas and A Great Prosperous New Year Ahead! God Bless and All the Best from Rizwana!
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Feng Shui Reiki Paintings

19 December 2015

Houses with Elite Amenities Kanakia Rain Forest Andheri Marol Residences in the Lap of Nature and Serenity

One of the most beautiful residencies in Andheri, at marol maroshi road, visited the place , with lush greenery and large expanses of land in the lap of nature. Being a true nature lover was awestruck by the huge tree dropping cotton sap balls all over the place. The Tata Nursery of wide range of plants and trees with exotic blooms is just round the corner and entering the Kanakia Rain Forest space seems to enter into a new domain!
Under construction housing project by Kanakia Spaces.
Gulmohar Tree at Kanakia Rain Forest

Kanakia Rain Forest Marol Andheri

Huge Tree at Kanakia Spaces

White feathery cotton

Majestic trees at Kanakia Spaces rain Forest

Exotic Trees at Kanakia Rain Forest

Tree House at Kanakia Rain Forest Andheri Marol

Tree House at Kanakia Spaces Rain Forest

Close to Seven Hills Hospital the high raised land area automatically brings down the temperatures giving it a hill station resort feel. Airport is ten minutes and Metro rail five minutes.
While the towers and apartments are Vaastu compliant the main attraction was the Tree House! While we would love to live amongst the clouds high rises, , just one thought, of the top views goes down to slums as we go on the top levels, all other factors get a thumbs Up!
Its a boom in these times to live in the lap of nature , exotic birds chirping and green expanses of land! take the ride in their mini cab! and don't forget to climb the tree house, I did that!
Another beautiful year unfolding, its been a pleasant journey, Thank you each one of you for reading my blogs, commenting and liking my blogs!Thanks a lot from Home Loans-Simplified Facts, Wish You a Very Merry Christmas and A Great New Year Ahead!
.All the Best from Rizwana!
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07 December 2015

Lowest Rates Home Loans

 Lowest Rates  Home Loans!
State Bank of India head quartered in Mumbai, the largest Banking institution in India in terms of Assets.
State Bank of India (SBI), has many home loan schemes tailored to the needs of customers including SBI Maxgain, SBI Realty, SBI Home Plus & NRI Home Loans. Some of the advantages of an SBI housing loan are low interest rates with interest on daily reducing balance, low processing fees, no hidden cost & no administrative charges, plus zero prepayment penalties.
Eligibility criteria is wonderfully expressed in Imagographic form. Home Loan eligibility online calculator is the first positive step, which can be done at your comfort and easy to follow. Compare home loan rates from top lenders, the lowest is from SBI.

From the peoples experiences and reviews it is the best bank in terms of home loans, and the going is smooth , with no foreclosure fees,  yet the processing and after services need to buck up, and they are into future going to take some steps to assure a good customer experience! As promised with quick approvals and what more the assurance of Pre Approved Home loans makes you in the best situation to negotiate with any housing property company or builder. 
Lengthy procedures and long re formalities are what most people now are shying away from this bank for home loans. Simplified procedures and quick approvals are needed if they want more people to follow!
Do share your experiences with SBI!
Home Loans-Simplified Facts

All the Best from Rizwana!

I am not attached with any financial institution and am not responsible for any financial links posted as comments or financial loan lending advertisements here. Take care and surf information before committing!

22 September 2015

Large Villas in UK Spain France Holiday Home Rent to Own Large Spaces Villa Homes

Large Villas in UK  Spain, France and most countries around the globe, another great investment tip for all financial institutions and individual bankers, and what most large corporate companies do here back home, is to invest in large homes around the globe. Not only are these running full all round the year as people are taking more and more family vacations.
Rented Large Villas

Holiday Home Villas Italy

Villas Own a Holiday Home UK
This way a lot of finance and hectic bookings is saved. There are also partners and friends who share the homes and enjoy the vacations abroad at different times of the year, without the hassles of booking large villas for family vacations. EMIs are calculated on the terms of repayment capcity of the loan borrowers or group of borrowers in accordance with their assets.
The decision requires a lot of investment but it is an assured way to earn great returns. And what more you can enjoy the vacations with your family , fully furnished villas as and when you wish, the rest of the year these can be offered on rent for families vacationing in UK/France/Spain.
Every financial company today has their branches in every country and you can avail a loan on buying property abroad wherever you reside. Just take care that every partner has the loan repayment capacity and equal understanding as large Villa holiday homes in UK/Spain/France are much sought after and if you wish to earn profit from this investment you will be vacationing almost every time off season!
All the Best from Rizwana!

05 June 2015

Some Important considerations in Rent To Own Policies

Rent to own is a policy where you get to buy a home on loan and the space is rented out for the desired time period. You thus get to earn profit from this rent that helps you to repay your home loan partly.
Rent to own policy in home loans
This policy is being promoted by housing finance construction companies for buyers who are purchasing property , houses, for investment purposes.
1) Before putting your precious investment money in such a scheme do find out whether the project is approved and has all the titles clear.
2) Will the rental public go to the space and stay, thus keeping the incoming rent going on for years. Locality of the houses. 
3) Is the maintenance charge of society and additional service charges of this particular rent to own society reasonable other wise you end up paying from your pocket! 
All the Best from Rizwana!

19 March 2015

Did You Get your Best Home Loan New Methods of Home Loan Transfer with no Charges

Loan Transfer No Charges
Did You Get your Best Home Loan? in the long process and tenure of home loans, usually amounting from ten to fifteen or more years there are changes, ups and downs bound to happen. Right from your priorities changing like raise in  salary or lowing of pay to the interest rates of your bank shooting up unreasonably!
Today many banks have options of loan transfers very easily and that too they have waivered the transfer charges. New Methods of Home Loan Transfer with no Charges can help you come out of your present home loan and opt for a better one that can reduce your EMIs and also help save some cash!
All the Best from Rizwana!

16 March 2015

The Formalities Just Got Tougher Home Loans Approved Does Your Bank Give Home Loan for any Locality

Home Loans Simplified Facts
Searching for a home, narrowing down to a few localities and then when the final call comes you learn your Bank does not give out home loans for certain localities!
Usually when home buying is concerned the first priority for anyone in any class is their budget. They very often have to select according to their budget and the amounts they can afford to repay in their salary and incoming money.
In middle  class as the inflation keeps rising the values of homes are getting dearer. Per square feet rates are increasing and many of them are opting for better options on outskirts of cities as they can in their budget afford larger spaces as homes in reasonable rates.
And usually whenever you go to visit a site under construction or any housing company  which has near completion projects on home constructions you get the same answer , home loans available.
What you don't know is that there are only certain specific banks that approve loans to specific construction companies.
So you may have to open a new account in the bank that approves loans for a particular selected home purchase on home loan.
And another fact is that certain banks do not approve home loans for certain areas.
Its advisable to check this out before as this will save precious time and avoid frustrations and delay in approval of your home loan!
All the Best from Rizwana!