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19 March 2015

Did You Get your Best Home Loan New Methods of Home Loan Transfer with no Charges

Loan Transfer No Charges
Did You Get your Best Home Loan? in the long process and tenure of home loans, usually amounting from ten to fifteen or more years there are changes, ups and downs bound to happen. Right from your priorities changing like raise in  salary or lowing of pay to the interest rates of your bank shooting up unreasonably!
Today many banks have options of loan transfers very easily and that too they have waivered the transfer charges. New Methods of Home Loan Transfer with no Charges can help you come out of your present home loan and opt for a better one that can reduce your EMIs and also help save some cash!
All the Best from Rizwana!

16 March 2015

The Formalities Just Got Tougher Home Loans Approved Does Your Bank Give Home Loan for any Locality

Home Loans Simplified Facts
Searching for a home, narrowing down to a few localities and then when the final call comes you learn your Bank does not give out home loans for certain localities!
Usually when home buying is concerned the first priority for anyone in any class is their budget. They very often have to select according to their budget and the amounts they can afford to repay in their salary and incoming money.
In middle  class as the inflation keeps rising the values of homes are getting dearer. Per square feet rates are increasing and many of them are opting for better options on outskirts of cities as they can in their budget afford larger spaces as homes in reasonable rates.
And usually whenever you go to visit a site under construction or any housing company  which has near completion projects on home constructions you get the same answer , home loans available.
What you don't know is that there are only certain specific banks that approve loans to specific construction companies.
So you may have to open a new account in the bank that approves loans for a particular selected home purchase on home loan.
And another fact is that certain banks do not approve home loans for certain areas.
Its advisable to check this out before as this will save precious time and avoid frustrations and delay in approval of your home loan!
All the Best from Rizwana!