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19 December 2015

Houses with Elite Amenities Kanakia Rain Forest Andheri Marol Residences in the Lap of Nature and Serenity

One of the most beautiful residencies in Andheri, at marol maroshi road, visited the place , with lush greenery and large expanses of land in the lap of nature. Being a true nature lover was awestruck by the huge tree dropping cotton sap balls all over the place. The Tata Nursery of wide range of plants and trees with exotic blooms is just round the corner and entering the Kanakia Rain Forest space seems to enter into a new domain!
Under construction housing project by Kanakia Spaces.
Gulmohar Tree at Kanakia Rain Forest

Kanakia Rain Forest Marol Andheri

Huge Tree at Kanakia Spaces

White feathery cotton

Majestic trees at Kanakia Spaces rain Forest

Exotic Trees at Kanakia Rain Forest

Tree House at Kanakia Rain Forest Andheri Marol

Tree House at Kanakia Spaces Rain Forest

Close to Seven Hills Hospital the high raised land area automatically brings down the temperatures giving it a hill station resort feel. Airport is ten minutes and Metro rail five minutes.
While the towers and apartments are Vaastu compliant the main attraction was the Tree House! While we would love to live amongst the clouds high rises, , just one thought, of the top views goes down to slums as we go on the top levels, all other factors get a thumbs Up!
Its a boom in these times to live in the lap of nature , exotic birds chirping and green expanses of land! take the ride in their mini cab! and don't forget to climb the tree house, I did that!
Another beautiful year unfolding, its been a pleasant journey, Thank you each one of you for reading my blogs, commenting and liking my blogs!Thanks a lot from Home Loans-Simplified Facts, Wish You a Very Merry Christmas and A Great New Year Ahead!
.All the Best from Rizwana!
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