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22 December 2015

Piramal Vaikunth Residencies Among the Lap of Nature Thane Balkum Buying and selling homes just got creative!

 Adopting the Concept of harmonious living with Earth, the five  Elements, Biophilia, the Piramal Group has Brought an Awesum Flower Show at their Balkum Vaikunth Construction site. Based on the famous Chelsea Flower Show, the show is breathtakingly beautiful  and will take you to another world for the time you are in!Buying and selling homes just got creative!
Piramal Vaikunth Flower Show Thane Balkum

Collection Display  of Exotic Flowers
 Homes among the lap of nature, a great concept and while you get to visit the flower show ,, you can check out on the residencies available, Loved the specifically made for artists residencies with installations and sculptures, great ambiance for creativity unlimited!
Orchid Gardens

Music Entertainment and  Light show!

House Model and Plans

Moghul Theme Gardens
The Flower show and the Train rides,, the fantasy garden display and the themed  gardens and the world of exotic orchids, the Piramal Group has sure made a stamp in real estate with crowds thronging to see the flowers and of course the house plans!
The residence project at Thane is in the interiors , and the old structures of houses just outside the complexes. The entry way is narrow, but as you enter there are vast expanses  of land. The concept no doubt will connect with people who are trying to reduce the day by day growing impact of the internet   on our health and our families.
All in All a great experience and must visit for everyone! The Vaikunth Flower show at Piramal residencies Thane is on from 20th December 2015 till January 3rd 2016
All the Best from Rizwana!
Themed Gardens and Residencies at Piramal Vaikunth
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